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  • The grades crisis shows it was a mistake to scrap coursework

    14 Oct 2020

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, of course, but the recent GCSE and A-Level grading fiasco does seem to suggest that it was a mistake to scrap coursework. It was the decision of former

  • Why Speech and Language Skills are Essential for Academic Success

    10 Oct 2020

    Language is the basis of communication. It helps children express themselves, understand others, and serves as the precursor for speech production.

  • Obesity crisis - Should cycling be part of the school curriculum?

    27 Sep 2020

    The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown the world as we know it upside down. We have been forced to recalibrate our lives and lifestyles as we get to grips with what constitutes the ‘new normal.’

  • Attainment gap widens due to COVID lockdown

    24 Sep 2020

    It’s impossible at this stage, and it may never be possible, to count the true cost the COVID lockdown has caused to the education of pupils. However, early studies have already shown

  • Your Guide to Bett Show 2021

    20 Sep 2020

    Bett Show is back at ExCel London on 20th January 2021. If you are a teacher, student or educational professional then this event should be top of your list of priorities. Discover the innovations in the

  • Was the Coronavirus lockdown an opportunity to reduce teacher workload in the long term?

    31 Aug 2020

    The horse has already bolted, so to speak, and we are now a week away from the start of a new school term. It is more than likely, that schools will be trying, as much as they can, to get things back to normal as soon as they can.