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  • How to deal with difficult parents

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    If you are a teacher just beginning your career, you may not realize just how much dealing with difficult parents can not only ruin your day, but ruin your whole year. Sometimes we spend more time fretting about “getting stuck” with the kids that have behavior problems when we should actually be...

  • Has The Internet Changed Education Forever

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    Can you recall the days back when you were in school? It might seem like forever ago, but childhood memories tend to stay with us. Do you remember the time before the internet had been invented and computers in the classroom were rare at best? I don’t think of myself as old...

  • How to use connected learning?

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    Connected learning is cross curricular work with all the bad bits taken out.  Christmas Dinner without the Brussel sprouts; Bake Off without Paul Hollywood (I’ll never forgive him for not giving the title to Kim Joy); Still Open All Hours without the script.  You get the idea. Now, if...

  • How to encourage students to ask questions?

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    Imagine a classroom full of students raising their hands wanting to ask questions so they can know more about the topic that is being covered. It sounds like a good dream, doesn’t it? But it can actually happen in your own classroom if you take the steps to educate the kids on the technique of...

  • How to Improve Our Teaching Skills

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    Improving our teaching skills is a highly personal matter.  If every one of our students is their own person, so every one of their educators is an individual (note that interfering local authorities and know it all junior Deputies). We have our strengths and weaknesses, interests and...

  • Parents, Are We Preparing Our Kids for College Properly?

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    It is a nerve-wracking experience. One of the most stressful times any parent will face. Your child is soon graduating high school and will be attending college in the very near future. Ensuring that your kid is ready is sort of like cramming for a test at the last moment. You want to cover the...

  • Why Those in Education Must Invest in Chromebooks

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    When schools started originally eyeing steps to move towards the one to one (1:1) computer initiative about a decade or so ago, they were interested in having technology available for everyone. It was the goal of having one computer device available for every student that was in the school. This...

  • How to Engage Reluctant Learners

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    Whether you teach in elementary, middle or a high school, you will always find some reluctant learners that are difficult to reach. No matter the subject or how you present it, there are students that just do not want to be fully engaged in the classroom. However, don’t give up hope just yet....

  • What Does Teaching Mean to You?

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    What teaching means to most practitioners is a chance to make a difference, a love of working with young people and a job which offers infinite variety.  A career can potentially last for more than forty years (scary); in all likelihood no two days in that time are completely the same. ...

  • What do pupils want from teachers?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    If you were to ask pupils up and down the country what they want from their teachers, or even - What do you think makes a good teacher? – you would get some pretty similar responses. This would be regardless of class, creed or location. Why? Because, deep down, pupils want very similar...