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  • Do bad exam results mean you are a bad teacher?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    As the dust settles - at least from the point of view of the media - on another year’s set of exam results; for many the reviews, reflections and repercussions have only just begun. Yes, GCSE and A level exam results are important. They can dictate the path a young person takes next. But exam...

  • How to Improve Curriculum Delivery in Your School?

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    Have you ever experienced a teacher that obviously knew their subject matter, could have even been considered a genius on the topic, but their delivery of the curriculum was as dry as toast? I had many teachers like this from back when I was a student and I usually tuned them out within the first...

  • How Early Can You Get Started with Teaching Coding?

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    Coding is all about trying to get a computer to execute some task. A programming language is used and a line of code will tell a computer to accomplish something. A whole document of lines of code is called a script. A script will be all about carrying out an entire job. People can make a great...

  • School uniform: Why do we still bother with it?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The vast majority of secondary (and most primary) schools insist that their pupils wear school uniform. It’s been this way for decades and uniform has become a firm fixture in our schools – an expectation, almost. It’s an issue that has rarely been seriously questioned or debated, beyond the...

  • Should BTECs be saved to preserve choice?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    If there’s one thing that employers are in agreement about, it’s that the UK education system isn’t as good as it should be at equipping young people with the skills needed for the world of work. The skills shortage is a perennial problem and one that the recent GCSE and A level reform is...

  • Things that are worth remembering on exam results day

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    We are now in ‘exam results day season’. As hundreds of thousands of students receive their results across the UK in August, there will be considerable anxiety, nerves and sleepless nights up and down the country; for teachers and parents, as well as pupils themselves. With so much pressure...

  • A plea to the new PM: Don’t forget the Arts in education

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The internet probably doesn’t need another article about Boris Johnson right now. However, regardless of your opinion of him or your political persuasion, you have to admit that having a new Prime Minister in position has the potential for education to now be moved in a different direction. It...

  • How to Prepare Students for the Digital World?

    By Lucy Manole, 24 Jan 2020

    Nelson Mandela once quoted, “The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow.” The world, as we know it, is rapidly transforming and becoming increasingly digital. It is a digital world that the students of today will inherit in the near future, and they must own it and lead it. Thus, it is...

  • Checklist for Lesson Planning

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    There is much more to teaching than simply being in front of a group of students and lecturing at the podium. The teaching part is actually the end product that comes right before the grading. However, there has to be some serious time put in for the preparation of a lesson. In fact, the amount of...

  • What do teachers hate the most about teaching?

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    Workload. Lack of support. Unruly students. Difficult parents. The league leaders in the hotly fought championship of ‘Parts of the Job Teachers Most Hate.’ If we had the position where the profession was full to bursting with teachers committed to developing a thirty or forty-year career in...