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  • Should the SATs be boycotted?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The traditional teaching union annual conference season over Easter always seems to open old wounds and sees a re-drawing of ‘battle lines.’ This year’s NEU conference proved to be no exception. In fact, the union appears to have hardened its stance more than ever on the issue of the SATs...

  • How to prepare students for exams

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    As the summer term begins, we are now into the ‘business end’ of the school year. Non-Examination Assessment (coursework, in old money) will very soon be done and dusted. Marks will be submitted, samples bagged up and sent off… and fingers crossed. That leaves you ‘free’ to focus entirely on...

  • Exam season looms: Keep mental health in mind

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The start of the summer term marks the beginning of one the most stressful periods of the school year – exam season. Obviously, it stands to reason that this is the time of the year when students are likely to feel the pressure the most. But it’s also a time that can be fraught with anxieties and...

  • How Teaching Has Evolved During the Last Decade

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    As we get older, ten years does not seem like such a long time anymore. After all, we probably all have t-shirts in the closet and socks in the drawer that are older than ten years. When we were younger, it seemed like a lifetime. But now, it appears a decade can go by in the blink of an eye. This...

  • The essentials of lesson planning

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    There’s no shortage of advice and guidance out there on lesson planning. Much of that advice is very useful, and some people make a living out of delivering courses or writing books on the topic. Of course, there is no single, completely fool-proof method or formula to follow that guarantees a...

  • End of Term Fillers – It Doesn’t Have To Be Videos and Word Searches

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    So the last week of the toughest term arrives. It might not be the longest, but the Spring, or Lent, term is the darkest, coldest and dreariest. Although, to be fair, can anybody remember a February and March with weather quite like we are enjoying at the moment? Let’s hope that the climate...

  • Is our obsession with testing ruining education?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The recent announcement from Ofsted of a new inspection framework has prompted many within education to consider what really matters in our schools. It’s an opportunity to re-evaluate and take stock – a natural pause to do an ‘curriculum audit’ and re-shape a school’s offering for the future. Of...

  • Rejected Middle Class Oxford University Applicants Demand Answers

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The issue of the lack of diversity in admissions to Oxbridge has been a contentious topic in recent years. Oxford University, in particular, has been plagued with criticism and damaging media coverage over the matter. A Freedom of Information request, obtained by the Financial Times, revealed that...

  • Britain will fall behind if adult education is not increased

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The issue of funding cuts and the impact they are having on the quality of education in the UK is a discussion that continues to rumble on. Naturally, the focus tends to be on how schools are affected. However, in today’s world the need for lifelong learning is increasingly important, and funding...

  • Are school exclusions linked to knife crime?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    As the horrifying trend of knife crime continues, recent murders have pushed the issue back into the media spotlight once again. The killings of 17-year old Jodie Chesney in a park in Harold Hill, London; and Yousef Makki – also 17 – in leafy Hale Barns, Greater Manchester, within 24 hours of each...