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  • Teacher Mental Health Can be Affected by Fear of Falling Ill

    28 Apr 2020

    American teachers face a wide array of on-the-job risks, but the major one brought to light by the recent SARS-CoV-2 outbreak is disease transmission. The CDC stated that in order to prevent mass infection during an outbreak, groups of 10 or more should be avoided.

  • The Impact of Coronavirus on Education

    21 Apr 2020

    Closing schools has to be the correct decision in the circumstances. The case can certainly be made, though, that this should have happened earlier, before Coronavirus took too firm a hold on the

  • How Coronavirus Is Affecting Schools Around the Globe

    28 Mar 2020

    A funny thing happened as I was preoccupied with my life in February. At the time, I was busy with work and satisfied with the stock market reaching all-time highs.

  • Are Schools Putting Pupils' Needs First When Dealing With Behaviour Issues?

    22 Mar 2020

    Behaviour is a massive issue for schools. There are some schools where the behaviour of pupils is consistently good or even outstanding. However, for the majority of schools dealing

  • Should We Push Students Towards University Degrees?

    08 Mar 2020

    By their junior and senior years in high school, most students have an idea about whether they are college-bound, and if they are, what degree they are interested in earning.

  • Extra-Curricular Activities: Five Best Clubs Students Should Attend

    08 Mar 2020

    It is inevitable, really, isn’t it? Something totally predictable when Governments are obsessed by league tables, by GCSE and A level results, by success at SATs and by how the Daily Mail might view