Join the teaching profession and see the world… oh hang on… that’s the Armed Forces, right? But, seriously, teaching is one of those professions that is valued all over the world.  Maybe, if your time as a UK teacher is starting to grind, maybe a brief sojourn abroad is the answer.  What are your options for teaching abroad in Dubai or in Colorado or maybe even in Canada?

Volunteer teaching abroad

You would be teaching alongside a teacher in a school in one of 25 destinations around the world.  You would likely be helping students improve skills in one of 4 or 5 key skill areas including English or IT.  You are likely going to have to pay for your flight to get there and maybe even your accommodation.  However, you will right in the place where your influence is going to have most impact on the world.  You will be guiding young people who have little opportunity have more opportunity.  They in turn could become the person that brings real change to the rest of the country in which they live.  Now, what more incentive could you want than this?

International Schools

International Schools are sited all over the world.  These schools are in the foreign countries but they follow the English or American curriculum and run the qualifications from these countries.  The students tend to be army children or diplomats’ children.  However, some other students from around the world choose International Schools because parents perceive the education from these schools give their children a better chance.  The International School in Dubai got the most teaching applications in the last few years.  Competition is high.

Teaching Agencies or

There are companies that specialise in advertising and finding jobs abroad for teachers around the world.  Most jobs for America are run through an appointment fayre in London.  It is a tough process, getting a job in America – teaching in the Bay area or teaching in Denver – these require you to prove that you have skills that an American does not.  Most teachers through the appointment fayre do not have a choice where they are asked to teach.  If you do not mind, then this might be a perfect way of getting to see parts of America and live there for a while.

Volunteer Holidays

Or, you can commit to teaching in the UK – where your skills are really needed – and you can go abroad, volunteering as a teacher in the school holidays.  This means you can see the world, refresh your perspective – and still make that difference to the world that you hope to make.