Below is a list of apps for high school and college students that I discovered through some sleuthing that could come in handy. Give them a try and see if they can help you out next time you are stuck on a problem with nobody to turn to.

Back when I was in school, if I was stuck with a hard math problem with my homework, I would have nowhere to turn. My parents would never be able to figure out the problems either, but I would receive 100 percent of the blame when I had that bad grade on my report card. Now there are apps for high school and college students that can just about solve any school subject problem you may have. The tricky part is to find the app that works best and, are free.


Move over, mom and dad! I finally have something to turn to when I am stuck in Math. With Photomath, you simply take a picture of the math problem and it automatically gives you the answer. But the best part is that it also provides step-by-step instructions on how it solved the problem. Where was this when I was in school?

It is basically a camera calculator that can read typed out math problems or even handwritten ones. Fractions, decimals, algebra, and trigonometry are just a few topics that you can use Photomath on.

Daily Practice for the New SAT

If you are a high school student stressing about taking the SAT test, this app should be on your phone. The Daily Practice for the New SAT app will automatically provide you with one SAT question a day in case you just want to tackle it slowly. Or you can sit down and try solving a lot of questions at once. It will even provide you with a hint if you are stuck on a question. It is like having a tutor sitting right next to you. However, in this case, the tutor would be in your pocket ready at a moment’s notice.

Perhaps the best function of Daily Practice is the ability to simulate test day. You can take a whole practice test on paper and then snap a picture of your answer sheet. You will receive an instant score back so you know how you did. Scores are saved as well so tracking how much you are improving is easy to do.


Learning a foreign language in a classroom can be difficult. There is always a lot of repeating foreign phrases after the teacher. I was never really impressed with this echo-style of teaching. It definitely didn’t pay off when I visited Paris. I had no idea how to speak conversational French. The only thing I could do was the French laugh. Luckily, kids have other options today that makes learning a foreign language much simpler.

This foreign language learning app is free and easy to use. Dualingo has over 70 courses available for 26 different languages. Not long ago, they also added Japanese to their program. Dualingo has been around for five years now and uses a game approach to learning a new language. If you enjoy learning and playing a game at the same time, Dualingo is definitely one you should check out.


Writing either comes easy or it comes hard for people. It seems like there is no in between. But no matter how great your writing is, it can always get better. Having a second set of eyes to look over everything and offer advice is a great thing.

ProWritingAid is not only a proofreading and editing tool, but it will provide you with feedback as if your instructor left you little scribbly notes on the side of the paper. ProWritingAid will give you thousands of style suggestions and even a plagiarism checker. It is easy to see how this would be valuable when writing research papers.

AP World History

If you are fortunate enough to get into advanced placement classes at your school, then you know that they can often be difficult. History can often be a tough subject to learn because of all of the dates and places. Plus, it is always growing, so the subject is getting even larger.

The AP World History app will be the best study buddy for history that you have ever had. It covers a wide range from 8000 B.C.E. to present day. The app will provide you with correct information on different events in history and can even give you the link to Wikipedia for more information.