There are countless numbers of inspiring teachers sharing their thoughts on Twitter. Teachers on Twitter are so popular because they are a great resource for inspiration and up to the minute educational news. These accounts showcase amazing schools and teachers who comprise of some the best in the world of UK education. Below is a list of the top 2o UK Teachers to follow on Twitter (in no particular order).

1. Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist

Mark Anderson put Pedagogy first. He is a teacher, consultant, and an award-winning blogger and author.  Based in Bristol this ICT teacher even finds the time to acts as a school Governor. His passion for his subject means that he is followed by an amazing 41,000 twitter follows.

2. Martin Burret @ICTmagic

Martin Burrett is a UK based Primary Teacher and Editor. He edits @UKEDmag Magazine and also @UKEdResources. He is also an EdTech resource sharer making him very useful if you need new ideas.

3. Danny Nicholson @Dannynic

Danny Nicholson describes himself as a science teacher first and foremost. However, he also just happens to be a SCITT PGCE Science lecturer and author. Handily he also tweets about being an interactive whiteboard trainer. His tweets are fun and lively as he is a self-proclaimed gamer and geek. He has over 11,600 followers.

4. Debra Kidd @debrakidd

Debra is a teacher-trainer and correspondingly writes a positive thinking blog. She describes herself a Teacher, Doctor, and a Trainer. She is an ITL, ISTA and RSA Associate and a writer of some published teaching books. She has more than 12,800 Twitter followers.

5. Colin Hegarty @hegartymaths

Colin Hegarty is a maths teacher. Global Teacher Prize 2016 Finalist. UK Teacher of the Year 2015. Loves maths and teaching. Founder of  an amazing website helping children with maths all over the world

6. Sean Harford @HarfordSean



As a former teacher, Sean is now HMI and Ofsted’s National Director for Education. His job is to lead on policy making for Schools and Further Education. His over 13,000 followers can get the first updates on policies that affect teachers.


7. Alex Quigley @HuntingEnglish

Run by Alex Quigley this account is another great account to follow from a confident English teacher and author. His Twitter profile says that he is Director of learning and research and teacher at Huntington School in York. He is additionally the proud author of ‘The Confident Teacher’ which was released in 2016. He has over 25,000 followers who are happy to lap up his advice on teaching methods.

8. Cherryl Kidd @cherrylkd

Cherryl is an assistant head teacher and as such tweets about many aspects of her role. She is CPD and assessment Lead, and works tirelessly as an ITT NQT Mentor. She does all this at an Outstanding Special School in Blackpool. She has an MA in Inclusion/SEN and nearly 11,500 followers who like to know what it is really like to be a head teacher.

9. Daisy Christodoulou  @daisychristo

Daisy Christodoulou is head of Assessment at Ark Schools say has a lot to say about exams. She has over 10,000 followers as the author of Seven Myths about Education. Her new book is out on 5th Feb 2017. Making Good Progress?: The future of Assessment for Learning. This is the UK teacher to follow on twitter for greater insights on assessment.

10. Vic Goddard @vicgoddard

Proud to be a part of Educating Essex, Vic Goddard is Principal of Passmores. He also claims to have the best job in the world as a published Author. He also has an Honorary Doctorate of Education from @chiuni. And 17,700 followers.