Sir Isaac Newton

To be fair, Newton didn’t fail school as much as his mother decided he didn’t need an education.  She pulled him out of school to work the land for her.  He was pretty bad at farming, apparently, but clearly didn’t miss the formal schooling either.

Ang Lee

Awesome director, Ang Lee, failed the college entrance exams.  He said he struggled to focus on the books but he had enough beauty in his mind to create the wonderful Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  The worst thing for Lee was that his father was the principal of the college… eek!

Robbie Williams

It is not a big surprise that Robbie Williams bailed on formal schooling.  His life story is full of ups and downs and obvious inner demons.  What isn’t well-known is that he was actually predicted amazing grades in all his exams — he still failed them all!

Ray Krok

Completes the entrepreneurial line up.  He built up MacDonald’s to the global sensation it is, yet he dropped out of school at 15 to drive an ambulance during World War 1.

Kate Moss

So far, it has all been about the boys… which might say something.  But, Kate left school at 14 years old, when she joined a modelling agency.  This says something less about schools and more about her beauty and grace.