16. Lewis Hamilton

A controversial one as Hamilton was later exonerated and returned to school, but Lewis Hamilton was wrongly expelled from school after a fight in the toilets left another pupil needing hospital treatment.

17. Kevin Spacey

Often the bad guy in films, Kevin Spacey was expelled from military school for throwing a tyre at another student.

18. Guy Ritchie

The director, and former husband of Madonna, was excluded from Stanbridge Earls School when he was 15 years old. He has claimed that it was linked to drug use.

19. Courtney Love

Rock n’ Roll’s bad girl, Courtney was kicked out of high school for missing classes, smoking and “for weirdness”. Love had been diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum when she was 10 years old.

20. Jade Jagger

Daughter of the famous Mick, Jade was once kicked out of school for true rock and roll behaviour, being caught climbing out a window to meet her boyfriend.