We are creating a free teaching resources library and would love it if  you would send your resources to us for other teachers to use and share.

We know a significant amount of teachers find teaching resources useful and in our recent survey 96% of primary school teachers have used teaching resources they have found on the internet and 95% of secondary school teachers also use them. So we know you love them!

The top types of resources that teachers use are;

  1. Work Sheets
  2. Lesson Plans
  3. Video and Audio
  4. Past exam papers
  5. Tutorials

Please can you send us as many teaching resources as you can, so we can build a really good free library for all teachers.

We are looking for resources for all subjects and curriculum levels, from early years through to higher education.

If you have any resources that you would like to share with us please send them to tom@theeducator.com  any resource that we use we will credit it where it has come from, so if you have a twitter account and want more followers or have a blog and want to increase your readership or you just want everyone to know how great you are for creating a useful resource please leave your relevant details.

Look forward to seeing all the resources.