100 Reasons to Love Teaching.

There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the teaching profession and the state of UK education as a whole, so i think its vital we don’t forget why we love teaching, The Educator have put together 100 reasons to love teaching.  Some are serious and some are a bit of fun, but ultimately they all make you smile because you love teaching. Its important to remember that every job has it’s bad points but not every job has its amazing highs that we experience as a teacher!

  1. You are shaping the future of students
  2. You are told that you are outstanding by a leader you respect
  3. You get to colour in sometimes
  4. There are normally biscuits at break
  5. You get rewarded for thinking
  6. Raiding the stationery cupboard on the first day of term
  7. Guiding a student through a difficult time
  8. The look in a student’s eye when you persuade them they are good enough
  9. You are told that you are a good person.
  10. You are given a teacher look by a trainer during an INSET session because you are giggling
  11. There are times when you find yourself hanging off the side of a cliff (literally)
  12. Or, climbing through a cave, with your backside stuck to the roof (literally)
  13. You learn to undo broken zips and unknot tight ties
  14. You can reassure a little person on their first day at school
  15. An angry student gives in and smiles during your lesson

16. You smash a lesson objective; it just feels right

17. Someone else uses one of your resources

18. You share a look with a teaching assistant that only the adults in the room understand

19. The caretaker and the photocopier are your favourite people

20. You get paid each month

21. The school canteen’s cheesy chips or… chips with gravy (the naughty stuff)

22. It is creative

23. There will be one student at least whose life you change

24. You will get to go to the zoo

25. You get cards to say thank you