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  • How Does Paternity Leave in Education Sector Vary Around the World?

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    It would be perfect to hear from your administration, “Congratulations on having the new baby! Take off the next three months at full pay!” Of course, we all know that does not happen in education. However, there are little changes here and there that should lead the way to bigger and better...

  • Paternity Leave

    By Ryan Crawley, 24 Jan 2020

    Everyone has heard of maternity leave for women as it is quite common for all occupations. The new mom, after she has given birth, will take some time off from her job to heal up and make sure the new baby has a good first couple of months or so. The maternity leave can last as long as three...

  • Labour Party and Independent Schools

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    About one in fourteen young people are educated privately and, if the Labour Party is able to enforce its promise, those students will soon be swapping their prep, beaks and Fives for homework, teachers and football. Because, after years where the private sector has largely been left alone, it is...

  • Practical Suggestions for the Run Up to Christmas

    By Alan Peters, 24 Jan 2020

    The temperature is falling; summer is but a fading memory lost under the invasion of the new school year. Choirs are working hard; nativities are being planned. The nights are drawing in, and football clubs are ending earlier. It might still be Autumn, but Christmas is coming. It is...

  • Guitar Lessons: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

    By Curtis Dean, 24 Jan 2020

    Learning how to play the guitar would require time and dedication. You need to put your time on it and you also have to consider purchasing a guitar that has a great quality. There are a lot of things that you need to learn as a beginner. But first, you have to put in your mind that being a...

  • 8 Things College Students Must Learn about IT Security

    By Lucy Manole, 24 Jan 2020

    Hackers are increasingly targeting student email accounts, shared computers, and internal networks in schools in order to commit identity theft and other crimes. No wonder, the list of colleges in the database maintained by Data Breaches keeps growing year by year. Cyber...

  • The number of pupils leaving school without basic qualifications is on the rise

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    The government is always at pains to remind people that the number of schools judged to be ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted is on the rise. It uses this point to claim that it has overseen an improvement in education since 2010. The numbers don’t lie, but it is another statistic that has been...

  • How to get the most out of lesson observations

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    Lesson observations… we all know why we have them in schools, of course, but maybe it’s about time we considered what we actually get out of them – and how we could get more from the process. Teachers are used to the notion of being observed, right from their early days of training. Observations...

  • The rise in private tuition: Why are so many pupils having extra lessons outside school?

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    Research recently published by the Sutton Trust has shown that more than a quarter of secondary pupils in England and Wales now get private tuition outside school. The reasons for the increase are multi-faceted. It could be a result of the increased demands of reformed GCSEs and A levels. It...

  • The importance of having a vision and ethos in schools

    By Mark Richards, 24 Jan 2020

    You cannot underestimate just how important it is for a school to have a strong vision and ethos. However, it’s all too easy for the likes of a vision, an ethos or a mission statement to be something that exists in name or on paper only. These are the sorts of things that become a part of a...