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The Perfect Christmas Gift for Teacher

By Ryan Crawley,

24 Jan 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and kids aren’t the only ones who are excited.

The Christmas spirit is contagious for adults and children! It is always a good time trying to find the best gift possible for each person in your life while staying somewhat on a budget. And since it seems like everyone has a teacher in their lives nowadays, it is time to think of the perfect gift for them as well.

However, if you are like me, unless that teacher is one of my parents, I try to keep that teacher gift to thirty dollars or less.

But don’t fret though.

There are many great gifts in this price range for that educator (or future educator) that they will cherish. A Tote Bag for Your Teacher There are certain gifts to avoid when contemplating what to get a teacher.

The biggest one is probably a coffee mug.

No matter how cute the coffee mug is, I have about 30 that I have either stored away or regifted to others.

Instead, give the teacher a really nice tote bag that will last a long time.

I know that I have only had one carrying case for all of my things during my teaching career and it has been falling apart for years.

I am guessing the teacher in your life will be able to use one as well. The HAPPY TEACHER Binder If you know the field of education well, you realize that being a teacher is an ever-expanding role.

You don’t have to just present amazing lessons and hand out grades the students have earned.

Teachers must also keep track of where students are going after school, correct poor behavior, stay in contact with parents, know each child’s worrisome health problems, and hunt down homework assignments that seem to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Luckily for you, there is an astounding binder that can help you with all of this.

I only wish I would have seen it earlier in my teaching career! Do you remember the Swiss Army Knife and how it had just about every tool you would ever need? Screwdrivers, can openers, files, scissors, wrenches… You name it and the Swiss Army Knife had it! Imagine the HAPPY TEACHER Binder as the Swiss Army Knife for your classroom.

This unequaled binder provides every school form that a teacher would need during their whole teaching career.

There are forms in the HAPPY TEACHER Binder that teachers probably have never even seen before.

Your favorite teacher will receive close to 4,000 editable pages that they can use in their classroom for the rest of their years in the classroom. Voice Amplifier It is tough to be heard in a classroom of thirty students.

Even if the kids are halfway quiet, it is easy for them to miss a word now or then.

And carrying around a megaphone is probably not a good look for you.

This voice amplifier will have the teacher in your life heard by everyone.

They may even feel a bit like a rock star as they walk around with it on.

If they have ever wanted to break out into song, now would be the time while wearing this voice amplifier with the built-in microphone. Their Own Personal Laminator Teachers love to laminate.

They can’t get enough of it.

Not only does it protect the document, but it will last just about forever once it is coated with that plastic.

What they don’t like is waiting to use that laminator in the teachers' lounge that never seems to be working.

Giving them their own personal laminator will be a gift that they will never forget and always use. Whiteboard Sheets Real whiteboards are expensive and it may surprise you, but there are classrooms that still use chalkboards for this reason.

These self-adhesive whiteboard rolls are just as good as a full-size costly whiteboard, but at a mere fraction of the cost.

They can place these up on normal walls, over top of chalkboards, or even on students’ desks.

My students enjoyed having their own personal small whiteboard on their desk when I used this adhesive roll to increase student interaction in the classroom. Noise Machine Students need a quiet place to get their work done.

However, trying to find a quiet place in the classroom can almost be an impossible feat.

This noise machine will be able to mask any other background sounds and provide relaxing sounds like ocean waves in the process.

The teacher will love this so much that they will even take it home with them at the end of the day!