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Stress Management for Teachers

By Ryan Crawley,

24 Jan 2020

Teaching is a stressful profession.

This is why it is essential that every teacher must learn about stress management.

Plus, you want them to be fairly positive to deal with stress, not visiting the nearest bar and drinking until you forget your problems and, in the process, your name. It is considered one of the more stressful jobs that anyone can ever have.

It can also be quite rewarding, but when you are facing pressure from all sides, it can be easy to forget that.

Not only you have to educate students so they are ready for the world that awaits them, but you also must work with parents that can be demanding or neglectful.

Furthermore, administration can be difficult as well.

It’s like you are getting it from all angles. Consider these stress management activities the next time life is starting to overwhelm you. Hit the Gym Exercise not only provides you extra energy after you finish, but it also clears your mind.

In fact, it is probably the number one way for stress management.

Next time you are concerned about how things are going at school or in the classroom, jump on the nearest treadmill and run a couple of miles.

Also, incorporate some strength management training in with your workouts.

It is good to know if there is a riot that starts in your classroom, you are strong enough to ward off all the attackers. Visit Family Heading out the door and visiting relatives that you have not seen for a while will give your mind a break from all the stress that goes along with being a school teacher.

Reconnecting with loved ones will remind you that teaching is really just a job when it comes down to it.

Of course, it is an important one, but your family is really what is crucial. Go to the Movies There is something still exciting about sitting in a movie theater with strangers and enjoying a film.

It just seems more magical than vegging out on your couch alone and binge watching for hours.

A good movie will definitely take your mind off of anything that is troubling you which is good for stress management.

A bad movie will still be able to push your troubles aside, but it is not nearly as pleasurable. Have a Night Out with Friends Teachers are often thought of as three-month friends.

The other nine months we get so wrapped up in school items that we forget about most of our friends entirely.

This is not good because someday you will want to retire, and it can get pretty lonely sitting at home all alone watching Matlock and The Golden Girls all due to your lack of friendship skills.

Text a few buddies to meet you out for dinner and catch up.

Listen to what is going on in their lives, and then if you feel the need to gripe about your job, you probably won’t be the only one.

It is good to get someone else’s perspective on things now and then. Talk to a Colleague or Two Sometimes all it takes is visiting with a colleague to help push your worries aside.

It helps to hear that you are not alone through these stressful times, and a good colleague can eventually help you with stress management.

It is nice to be able to confide in someone that is dealing with the exact same things that you are. Avoid the Teachers Lounge This may seem surprising since you were just instructed to visit with a colleague to alleviate stress.

However, do you remember the saying that too many cooks spoil the broth? I’m not even certain how many people actually cook broth nowadays, but just putting that aside, it matches up well with teaching.

If you get too many teachers together in one room, it is just a matter of time before someone starts to gripe about a student or parents.

This starts a chain reaction, and soon you have ten people sitting around the table complaining about their job.

Negativity brings on more negativity, and you don’t need more of it in your life. Remember Your Sense of Humor Sometimes you can’t help but laugh your way through life.

After all, it is much better than crying.

Keeping your sense of humor will help you get through many tough times in life, not just your years of teaching.

Always remember that things could be worse and this too shall pass.

If you follow all of these stress management tips, maybe you won’t have to count down the days until summer break anymore.