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Online Tools That May Help You in School

13 Apr 2022

Online Tools That May Help You in School

By Hannah Boothe,


Virtual learning is snowballing with the emerging advances in the technology sector. Virtual learning allows students to pursue their study courses without physically meeting their tutors. Online learning is advantageous to the students as it provides freedom to the learners in that their flexibility is upheld. This is because the learners can access information from their teacher's presentations at any place of their comfort and without setting a tight class schedule. However, to achieve the goal in your studies through these virtual learnings, the online learning tools will be of great assistance. This article covers five tools that you may use in this.

1. Virtual Learning Student Portal

This is a crucial tool for students participating in online learning. This is because vital academic information is accessed through the portal. Through it, you register and get access to lessons, make follow-ups on your academic progress and most importantly, know important dates for specific activities. More significantly, the student portal offers an opportunity for students to express themselves to the faculty and staff. Therefore, the student portal can be regarded as a tool for keeping you updated on all the essential communications and student information in your school.

2. Students Email Address

The email address is also significant to curb forgetting important information regarding academic work. However, you must check the Email inbox for this tool to be of impact in your course. The Email inbox provides the student with important reminders on certain academic activities. Important announcements in the school are made through the student's Email address, and missing them would negatively impact your academic progress. This tool also enables you to be reached out by the faculty and the staff.

3. Appointment Scheduling Software

Online learning may fail if your daily activities are not well organized. This is bearing in mind the tight classwork schedule and other deadlines for your work. To facilitate staying on track, a scheduling app can significantly help arrange the tasks chronologically. In addition, the apps have notifications that act as reminders of when to act and accomplish these tasks. The apps can also remind you of these tasks in advance to get ample time for preparations. Consequently, One can perfectly carry out the school work, guaranteeing higher grades.

4. Note-Taking Online Software

The notes taken from any lesson are always helpful in preparing for minor assessments and significant exams. For virtual learning, there is quite a lot of information shared through the videos of the teacher's presentations. The information requires you to compile it and make a notebook for the related topics covered. For this reason, effective note-taking software may be of great significance in ensuring that you capture the important points shared in this presentation video. This can be a speech-to-text app that can help you take the points. The note-taking software may also provide reference management. This is important for your notes to have proper and factual references. The citation is crucial when confirming and proving the information in the notes.

5. Collaborating Online Students' Apps

Group work tasks are regularly given in the school. As students, it may be convenient to have discussions anytime without a physical meeting. For this reason, the group meeting apps that allow multiple users to present and edit would greatly facilitate the completion of the assigned tasks. In addition, the collaboration apps allow sharing of essential documents and files among the students in the group. The collaboration apps are more effective when carrying out research by students from different locations. However, this collaboration is determined by the level of cooperation among the participating students. Therefore, it is essential to have unity and a standard app to enable your team to succeed in the assigned task.

In conclusion, these tools are essential to facilitate your success in school. However, the tools require your effort in using them which is the regular access to them. Failure to log in may cost your learning progression as you are bound to forget the deadlines and important school information. The learning tools are also crucial in preparing you to become a professional for shifts towards online work. They also promote accountability in your work, bringing a sense of responsibility.




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