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Best Extracurricular Activities For Students

By Ryan Crawley,

24 Jan 2020

Extracurricular activities are looked at by colleges as well, but most students do not get involved in them to please higher learning.

They enter into the extracurricular activities because they are interested in pursuing basically a hobby that could turn into much more.

In addition, they do not have to be sponsored only by your school.

There are several avenues for a student to explore these new interests in their community. School is more than just textbooks and teachers.

Of course, a student learns quite a bit from these two, but it much more than that.

When a kid is in school, whether it be in elementary or high school, it is a time to find their interests outside the classroom as well.

The students will quickly discover a love for other things that will follow them throughout life. Below is a list of the best extracurricular activities that students should seriously think about signing up for. Sport  Sports are more than just getting a chance to play with your friends.

It is an opportunity to instill disciplinein the student.

It can create a structure for them that they have been previously lacking.

With numbers showing that the world is getting dangerously close to having 50 percent of adults classified as technically obese, playing sports is a great way to introduce physical fitness to the masses. The amount of sports that your school and community offer will vary.

Some districts will only offer the basic basketball, softball, baseball, and volleyball.

Other larger districts can offer much more like soccer, hockey, football, martial arts, tennis, and swimming.

Perhaps a student will begin taking a sport to spend more time with their buddies, but it could turn into scholarship offers as they are getting ready to graduate high school.

Having something you love to do and would do for free actually pay for college is quite a good feeling.

It’s an even better feeling when you emerge with a college diploma and no student loans Technology More and more schools are finally climbing into the 21st century and offering their students a chance to learn about technology outside of normal school hours.

Having a Technology Club is the perfect opportunity for allowing those students that are interested in learning more about technology not just in education, but for everyday use.

Plus, some educators view their own tech skills as a weakness because they feel they are not up on the latest advancements and apps.

Instead of being at the mercy of the teacher for learning technology, students can sign on for the Technology Club.

Who knows? Maybe there is a chance that the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs could be created just from joining a Technology Club in your school. Volunteer Groups Kids need to learn the importance of helping those in need.

Even better, helping those less fortunate without theneed for any sort of payment.

Many high school districts make it a requirement that students complete a certain amount of volunteering hours before they are allowed to graduate.

It is good for the spirit to reach out and assist those that need it.

Hopefully, it will be a practice they continue doing throughout their life. There are numerous volunteer possibilities like helping at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen.

If being around people is not your thing, there are many animal shelters that need constant help with feeding, cleaning, and walking the animals.

No matter which group the student decides to volunteer with, they are learning to have empathy for those around them.

This is one of the most valuable lessons anyone can teach them. Performance Arts Students that are interested in pursuing a theatre major seems to be growing every year at my local college.

They get a taste of it in high school and want to make it their career.

With the emergence of several television shows where high school students join the glee club or the theater department, more kids are deciding to give it a try.

Back when I was in high school, those students that entered into these performance arts clubs were considered a bit strange.

However, now they are generally considered the cool kids and have the most friends.

In any case, joining a performing arts club is usually some of the most fun you will have in your life.

It is a perfect place to meet those that have the same hobbies and develop lifelong friendships.

Perhaps there is the next great actor or musical genius in your mist.