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Best Education Apps to Use In and Out of the Classroom

By Ryan Crawley,

24 Jan 2020

As more and more classrooms are joining the 1:1 technology initiative (a computer device for every student), education is finally changing its look in schools across the globe.

Textbooks are no longer considered the must-have item that they used to be in the classroom.

After all, you can find much more content online on any subject than could ever be fit into a textbook.

On top of that, it is much less expensive! Textbooks are not cheap and being able to save the school budget by using the internet for research is something that should be considered by all financially responsible school districts. Listed below are a few educational apps that teachers and parents should consider adding directly to their students’ devices.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of these apps currently out there, so continually adding more every month is something to look into. Amazon Kindle While many of us find reading books on computer screens a bit tedious as we proclaim that there is nothing like reading an actual physical book sitting right there in our hands, students don’t always feel the same way.

They have been born into a world where reading books online is the norm. Of course, Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular types of these apps that allow people to read their books on their electronic device and keep a virtual library available anytime and anywhere.

When speaking about how this could benefit students, it is easy to imagine this being used in classrooms across the world. However, while there are many Kindle books that are included with an Amazon Prime account and other free books if you search for them hard enough, generally the books do cost a bit of money.

But there are other options to add free books to your Kindle that you might not be aware of. Google Docs If you can recall, your first-word processing app or program was probably Microsoft Word or something similar.

It was more than likely you had to pay a pretty penny for the program, too.

Google Docs is entirely free and not only can you create word documents, but slide presentations and other types of documents.

It is extremely simple for students to learn and use.

Plus, as it is all contained in the magical and mystical “cloud” as the students can access their documents from any device in the world and at any time.

It doesn’t get much more student-friendly than that. Photomath Many kids struggle with math problems almost instantly when they leave the classroom.

It is like they need to have a little bit of coaching from their teacher on how to solve the problems, and once that is absent, they can no longer complete them correctly.

And then when the student gets home, the parent is either too busy or just doesn’t understand the problem enough to help their kid.

It can be frustrating for everyone. Photomath is an amazing app that will eventually help change the way students learn math in the future.

It is simple to use.

You just take a picture of the math problem and not only will the answer automatically show up for the problem, but there will be a step by step guide on how the answer was achieved.

It is like having your own personal math tutor sitting right there next to you. Memrise Learning another language is a respectable thing to do as you try to understand and communicate with another culture.

But if you have ever sat in a class and tried to learn a language such as Spanish, it seems you are doing a lot of repeating after the teacher.

It’s like living in an echo chamber for an hour each day where you just blindly repeat words and sounds in an effort to proclaim that you are now bilingual. Memrise is an app that will make learning a foreign language a bit easier.

You simply choose the language you would like to study and the app will drill you on the words and phrases.

It is much better than the normal flashcard drill that most of us have experienced when learning another language.

Plus, a student can then learn at their own convenience day or night with this Memrise app.

It doesn’t get much better than that. GradeProof or Grammarly Having your own personal writing coach would be beneficial to every child or adult.

GradeProof is the next best thing.

It is an app that checks over your writing and offers not only fixes to misspelled words but also recommendations on issues with grammar.

The app Grammarly does much of the same thing as well and is growing in popularity as it broadens to include many types of writing programs and internet browsers.