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7 Advanced Tools to Help Your Kids Practice Sports at Home

23 Dec 2020

7 Advanced Tools to Help Your Kids Practice Sports at Home

By Stephanie Snyder 


If you feel bad about your inability to help your kids develop their favorite sports, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we have shared some of the most advanced tools, that if you get your little one, will undoubtedly help them get better at their favorite sports.


1. A Running Coach

Your junior track star needs this device to stay focused on their future sports and career. The smart device comes in handy when you need something to measure bounce, cadence, drop, and pelvic rotation. It can also be used to measure breaking while you run, and when you are done, it will supply you with feedback on how best you can improve your form. Whether your little one is experienced or just getting started, this running coach will be helpful.


2. Smart Football

Your athlete child will need a smart football that can track their stats and help them improve over time. This one is best if your child is an aspiring football player. This smart gadget will track their statistics as they play and comes in both junior and standard sizes. It comes with in-built sensors that players can use to monitor velocity, spiral efficiency, spin, and distance of each throw, to let players track and improve their performances.


3. Smart Bat for Baseball

This is more of a baseball swing app to help your child improve his baseball skills. All you have to do is attach the SwingTracker to a softball or baseball bat, and you will capture an array of data points with every swing. With this device, you can measure applied power, impact momentum, speed efficiency, etc. If your child can access his weaknesses and strength, their playing skills will improve tremendously after some time.


4. Soccer Ball for Shot Training

If your child is interested in soccer, this device can improve their handling skills since it relies on heavily smart technology. It comes with integrated sensors that can measure speed, strike point, spin, and trajectory each time it is kicked. Get this ball for your child, and you won't have to be there with them each time they train to improve their shooting skills. The soccer ball is available on Amazon at an affordable price.


5. Tracking System for Golfers

Maybe you are looking to rack your golf stats, but there is no better way to do that. The tracking system for golfers is designed to help you keep track of scrambling percentage, fairway accuracy, and shot dispersion. The system takes advantage of GPS technology to measure and monitor your performance each time you are playing. You will get the stats to help you get better with time and become an indispensable golfer.


6. Golf Swing Analyzer

If your child is struggling to improve their golf swing, then this tool might come in handy. The device comes with improved features that will hone each stroke you make, thereby making you a better golfer. To measure club speed, you will need to wear the sensor on your glove. It will also measure things such as tempo, plane, and more. If you like, you can review and retry each swing in the associated app, and you will get some training tips to help you get better.


7. Virtual Basketball Coach

This dribble coach comes with a wide range of helpful features to help your child improve his game with time. The ball comes in both junior and official sizes and can measure dribble hesitation, crossover speed, endurance level, etc. It comes with an app that is very helpful since it has a virtual trainer that takes you through the workouts and drills while issuing you with feedback based on your daily performance.

Your child needs to get all the support she needs to get better in her best game. However, you might be too busy with other essential things to give them the attention they need. In such a case, you can get them any of the advanced tools suggested above to help them during their training. Note that most of them are available on Amazon and come with associated apps for improved user experience.




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