Author: mdawood

Learning how to study is key to your child’s revision plan

The Easter holidays are upon us: a break full of joy and chocolate for younger children, but for those old enough to be concerned about important exams, a time of revision, and more revision. Candidates for GCSEs, AS-levels and A-levels, and their parents, will spend the next few weeks either revising, worrying about revising and – too soon – worrying about not having done enough revising. But it does not have to be so traumatic. Parents can feel exasperated when trying to encourage their offspring to study. But their children are not being deliberately difficult: they often simply don’t...

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Three-quarters of teachers ‘see pupils turn up to school hungry’

An alarming survey has revealed almost three-quarters of teachers have seen pupils come to class hungry, as schools are forced to compensate to meet childrens’ basic needs. NASUWT, the largest teachers’ union, published the findings of their third annual survey, which highlighted the impact of ‘financial hardship’ is steadily growing. Over the last year, 71 per cent of teachers saw their pupils come to school hungry, while more than a quarter have given their own food away to students. And over half have seen their school give food to hungry children. Of the 3,250 teachers surveyed, more than half...

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Teachers’ union calls for ballot on primary test boycott

Teachers have voted to ballot for a boycott of all primary school tests, after claims that children in England are the “most tested in Europe”. The National Union of Teachers’ conference heard warnings that schools had become “exam factories”. Delegates criticised “chaotic” changes to primary assessment and voted for a ballot to boycott tests taken by seven and 11 year olds and baseline tests. The government said a boycott would only “disrupt children’s education”. NUT leader Christine Blower said the union would consider a ballot to boycott tests in summer 2017. She said the union was also calling on the education secretary...

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