Month: February 2019

Teenagers worry where their education will take them

One in three teenagers in the UK is worried about where their education will take them, a new survey has revealed. The research from the Career Colleges Trust found that more than 1,000 of those aged between 13 and 16 years of age believe that academic grades and league tables are the main focus of the education system. The survey highlights that 66% believe this, while 54% say schools neglect to consider what their career ambitions are. Just 13% says schools are geared to helping with their future careers and 9% said schools consider their well-being. Believing that their...

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Relationships will be taught to all school pupils

Secondary and primary school pupils in England will learn about relationships as well as looking after their mental health as part of compulsory lessons. The government says that these lessons will start from September 2020 and cover issues that will also help keep pupils safe online. For those in primary schools, they will have education about relationships and when they move onto secondary schools, this will be broadened to include sex education and more about relationships. All school pupils in England will study health education as part of the curriculum. Withdraw their child from relationships education However, parents will...

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Teachers have more stress than many workers

Teachers are experiencing a greater level of job stress than many other professionals, a study reveals. The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER), says that most professions have 13% of workers feeling tense about their job. However, for teachers the level is 20%. With growing numbers of teachers deserting the classroom and rising pupil numbers, the study found that teachers are feeling tense about their job most of the time. The study also found that teachers struggle with higher stress levels and a poorer work-life balance and their working hours are similar to workers in other professions across the...

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Fewer than 5% of poor white students in 50% of universities

It’s been revealed that around half of the universities in the UK have poor white students accounting for less than 5% of their total student population. The National Education Opportunities Network (Neon) has published a report that reveals the number of white students who are attending top universities from deprived areas. Their figures highlight that the University of Oxford has 3% of poor white students, while Teesside University has 28%. The organisation says that not enough universities have a clear target for recruiting white working class students. The education secretary, Damian Hinds, says there is a strong risk of...

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Girls should dispel ‘misconceptions’ on Stem subjects

The misconceptions held by girls on Stem subjects should be challenged since data reveals that boys usually prefer the subjects, the schools’ minister says. The findings from the Department for Education show that the proportion of boys who say that their favourite subject is within a Stem field is nearly double that for girls. From the survey, 59% of boys chose a Stem subject, compared with 32% of girls as a favourite. The Stem subjects, which include science, technology, engineering and maths, has led to Nick Gibb, the schools’ minister, calling for teachers, politicians and parents to try and...

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