Month: August 2018

New Government toolkit helps schools cut costs

A new toolkit published by the Government to help schools reduce their overheads has been derided by one teaching union. Education Minister Damian Hinds says the toolkit offers practical advice and support to help save on the £10 billion spent every year on non-staffing costs. The School Resource Management Strategy offers advice in a bid to reduce the money that was spent last year and, the government says, schools could save several billion pounds through better buying and procurement strategies. The toolkit offers advice on how to work with other schools to help drive down costs for things like...

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Schools are facing a ‘severe teacher shortage’

Schools in England are facing a drastic shortage of teachers with growing numbers of subjects being taught by a teacher without the relevant degree and larger class sizes. Those are the fears raised by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) an independent think tank that says the issues over teacher recruitment have not been resolved. As schools gear up for the return of students after the summer holidays, the EPI says the government should consider introducing targeted pay rises in a bid to reduce staffing shortages. However, Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary, says his top priority is to recruit more...

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School attendance not improved by rewards

With teachers and students heading back to school, it’s been revealed that attempts to offer rewards in a bid to boost attendance do not work. A large scale study of Californian secondary school students found that offering rewards for good school attendance records made no significant difference. Indeed, researchers say that in some circumstances the rewards can make absenteeism worse. The research follows a trend to offer school prizes and commendations along with financial rewards to those students who enjoy the best records for attendance, without missing lessons. Now the Harvard Kennedy School of Government says it has looked...

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Schools accused of ‘excluding weak pupils’

OFSTED has expressed its concerns that nearly 13,000 pupils are apparently missing from schools’ league tables despite their being enrolled in the year before. One national newspaper has investigated and says that schools have excluded their underperforming pupils in the months before GCSEs to help themselves perform better in the tables. The investigation found that nearly 7,000 pupils this year have sat exams in pupil referral units, which is nearly double the number from last year. Ofsted says it is concerned by the investigation’s findings and is launching an investigation and has identified 300 schools with high drop-out rates....

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Poor students are the most likely to be excluded

Poor students in England’s schools are more likely to be excluded than they are to receive five good exam passes, a charity reveals. The teacher trainer charity Teach First says it has carried out an analysis and found that 10.3% of those pupils who are on free school meals passed the English baccalaureate (Ebacc) in 2017 with at least Grade 4s. However, 10.7% of students on free meals had faced temporary or permanent exclusion from their school in the same period. Students are deemed to have passed the Ebacc if they gain five GCSEs in maths, English, a language,...

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