Month: June 2018

Poorest pupils miss out on language lessons

It is pupils who live in the poorer parts of England who are increasingly likely to miss out on the opportunity of learning a foreign language, a report reveals. The findings from the British Council highlight that the perception of learning a language is less important after the European referendum. Also, some teachers are blaming tougher new GCSEs that are leading to pupils with lower abilities being put off from learning a new language. The government says that its undertaking reforms that will boost the take-up of modern languages in England’s schools. The Language Trends Survey is a yearly...

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Warnings over teacher recruitment and retention crisis

Fears over the level of teacher recruitment have been raised after figures from the Department for Education (DfE) revealed that teacher numbers have fallen for the first time in more than 10 years. The figures show that the proportion of teachers leaving the profession has remained fairly constant over the last two years but the number of new teachers entering the classroom has fallen. The DfE says that the number of full-time equivalent teachers dropped by 1.2% between 2016 and 2017. There are now 451,900 teachers working compared with 457,200 teachers in 2016. Head teachers say the official figures...

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Universities’ credibility at risk over rise in first class degrees

The increasing number of first-class degrees being awarded by universities is putting their credibility at risk, claims one think tank. Reform says that rocketing grade inflation has seen the proportion of first-class degrees being awarded doubling between 1997 and 2009 and since 2010 they rocketed by another 26%. Now the organisation says there should be a national test to set benchmarks for degree grading so that just 10% of students will receive a first class degree. This test would see final year students sitting a national assessment which would be set by a designated assessment body. This assessment would...

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Taking Teaching Further: Scheme to help experts retrain as teachers

The government has unveiled a new scheme entitled ‘Taking Teaching Further’ that is aimed at recruiting technical experts and have them retrain as teachers to develop a further education career. The project will cost £5 million and focus on technical engineering and computing experts. The scheme was unveiled by Anne Milton, the apprenticeship and skills Minister, who said the scheme will recruit 150 technical professionals to become teachers in further education which could prove to be a crucial part of the government’s gold standard new T-level qualifications. These new T-levels are being implemented from September 2020 with technical courses...

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Shortage of maths teachers hits poorest pupils

A chronic shortage of maths teachers is affecting disadvantaged students the most in England’s schools, a report reveals. Researchers found that less than half of all maths teachers have a degree in the subject and to compound the situation, many of them are leaving schools. Also, for those students in disadvantaged schools then the likelihood of being taught by a maths teacher without experience will affect all year groups. And at A-level, students in disadvantaged schools wanting to study maths are twice as likely to be taught by an inexperienced teacher as pupils in the least disadvantaged schools. The...

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