Month: May 2018

Statutory guidance for schools has been updated by the DfE

The latest version of the statutory guidance for schools, Keeping Children Safe in Education, is now available after being updated by the Department for Education. The new guidance includes extra advice on tackling violence and sexual harassment in our schools. Until 3 September this year, schools and colleges will be using the current statutory guidance, it’s dated September 2016, while the new publication will not take effect until after that time. The guidance lays out a school’s legal duties that they must follow in promoting and safeguarding the welfare of young people and children under the age of 18...

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Government halts school pupil data sharing

The government has announced that it is halting access to personal information about school pupil data by researchers and other organisations. The Department for Education says the temporary move will help modify the approval process for accessing the national pupil database. The announcement follows the need to be compliant with EU data privacy rules, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which are tightened from 25 May and give children new rights. In a statement, the DfT says: “We take seriously the use of personal information and the General Data Protection Regulation implications. “We have temporarily paused applications...

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Unhappy teachers from the UK are heading overseas

Teachers who are dissatisfied with the UK’s education system are heading overseas to enjoy their career, a new survey reveals. The findings from Council of British International Schools (CBIS) highlight that 47% of teachers opted to work overseas because they were unhappy. Researchers also found that 45% teachers looked for career growth and 44% wanted to work overseas for a better salary. However, the main motivations for a teacher to leave the UK and head overseas is to enjoy, for 71% of them, travel and cultural exploration. Also, for 63% of international teachers, the prospect of enjoyment and a...

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A year’s paid leave offered to boost teacher recruitment

In a bid to make the teaching profession more attractive and boost recruitment, teachers are to be offered a year’s paid sabbatical for the first time. The aim is to stop the increasing numbers of teachers leaving the classroom. Now the Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, says he wants teaching to offer more flexible working so it can compete effectively against other graduate career choices. Though teaching has generous holidays already, of 13 weeks, the profession is seen as being inflexible with part-time and job share working being slow to take off. Now the government is worried that the numbers...

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