Month: May 2018

Teachers waste 1 million hours every year teaching toilet hygiene

Busy teachers are spending more than 1 million hours every year teaching primary school children basic toilet hygiene. The cost to the education system, based on average teacher salaries, is around £11 million. The findings come from Essity, a Swedish hygiene and health company, and found that one in five teachers in primary schools are spending 30 minutes every week having to clean up after pupils after they have visited the toilet. That’s more than 1 million hours during an academic year. The research also reveals that 44% of primary schoolchildren are avoiding using school toilets at every week...

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Free school programme is being ‘redirected’

The free school programme in England is set to be redirected towards the North East in a bid to help poor performing areas. Ministers have revealed that 35 free schools will be created in the lowest third of the worst performing areas. The move follows critics warning that the government’s free school programme is too focused on wealthy areas in the South East. Free schools are publicly funded but run privately and all new schools must be free schools and they must be approved by the Department for Education (DfE). £50 million more to help children with special needs...

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League tables ‘destroy’ poor white schools

Headteachers are claiming that the way England’s secondary school league tables are now devised is stigmatising schools in white working class areas unfairly. The heads say that the format is ‘toxic’ for those schools with few English-speaking pupils and high levels of deprivation. They add that these disenfranchised communities will become more disillusioned if their schools are blamed unfairly. However, the Department for Education says that the revised rankings are now fairer. The ASCL union leader Geoff Barton says that league table changes have been welcomed as an improvement but there are patterns emerging which means ‘it’s time to...

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Some ‘outstanding’ schools may not be ‘good’ – Ofsted

In response to official criticism of its work, Ofsted has admitted that some schools that have been rated as ‘outstanding’ may not be as good as the rating indicates. The National Audit Office (NAO) looked at schools in England and found that 1,620 of them which had been rated as outstanding had not been inspected by Ofsted for at least six years. The NAO says that 290 schools rated as outstanding had not been inspected for a at least a decade. One reason for this is that outstanding schools were, from 2011, deemed to be exempt from the normal...

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Grammar schools’ expansion cash will not boost ‘outcomes’

Critics are calling into question a Government plan to boost grammar schools with more money because the cash ‘will not boost outcomes’. Research from University College London (UCL) says that selective state education offers pupils no social or emotional advantages by the time they reach 14, when compared with those who do not attend selective schools. The moves by the government to pour money into grammar schools has been criticised by policymakers, unions and educationalists and the research is the latest to undermine the plan. Other studies have suggested recently that grammar schools outperform their non-grammar school peers academically...

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