Month: April 2018

Charge parents for teachers’ CPD

Schools that are struggling financially should be asking their parents to pay £1 every week to help pay for their teachers’ CPD – continual professional development – costs. The call comes from teacher training supremo Sir Andrew Carter who chairs the government’s teacher training review. He said a radical approach is necessary for dealing with underfunding and says parents should pay for the extra costs that come with running a school. He told delegates at the Academies Show that schools should be adding 2% to their annual staff budget to help pay for CPD properly. Sir Andrew said: “If...

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Target new teachers for pay rises – call

Teachers who are just starting out in their careers should be targeted for pay rises with extra funding being used to encourage them to stay in the profession. The call comes from the Education Policy Institute who have published a report that highlights the government should not be just focusing on recruiting teachers but also at how teachers can be encouraged to remain within the profession. The EPI says there is evidence to suggest that targeting pay incentives at teachers in those subjects that struggle with teacher shortages will help boost retention rates. However, the EPI also says that...

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Authorities urged to do more to rid schools of asbestos

Pressure is growing on local authorities and the government to do more in removing asbestos from schools. Now campaigners say that because there is a lack of uniformity in dealing with asbestos exposure in schools and academies means that students and staff are being put at risk. The calls are led by the Joint Union Asbestos Committee (JUAC) which wants to make all colleges and schools free from it. The committee says that around 90% of schools contain asbestos and every year 17 teaching staff will die from mesothelioma, which is a cancer caused by exposure to the material....

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Employers left confused by new GCSE grades

The level of confusion over the new GCSE grading system has been revealed after a survey highlighted that one in four employers believe the worst GCSE grade is the best one. The findings underline the degree of confusion with 8% of universities also believing that the GCSE Grade 1 was the top grade. In addition, 16% of parents also believe this. However, just 64% of employers could correctly state that a GCSE Grade 9 is actually the best grade. The survey was carried out on behalf of all in question employers, parents, universities and teachers. New GCSE system The...

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Education Committee unveils school and college funding inquiry

An enquiry into the funding of schools and colleges has been unveiled by the House of Commons’ Education Committee. Its aim is to help inform the Department for Education and their bid for funding educational needs in England and whether a longer term vision is required for this purpose. The spending review will determine the overall levels that public funding for colleges and schools will enjoy. This is not part of the government’s reforms in the way that money is distributed to schools with their national funding formula. The committee says its enquiry will examine whether this longer term...

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