Month: March 2018

Rejected teachers’ pay offer will ‘lead to industrial action’ in Scotland

Teachers in Scotland who asked for a 10% pay rise have rejected their employers ‘best and final’ offer of 3% which will, says one politician, lead to industrial action. The teachers rejected the employers’ offer saying it fell short of the 10% pay rise they need. The teacher salaries in Scotland are negotiated by the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SNCT) and their offer of a 3% pay rise is in line with the public sector pay policy set by the Scottish government. Schools in Scotland are now ‘heading for industrial action’ Now Iain Gray, the education spokesman for...

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Call to close grammar schools because ‘they don’t do better’

Once the grammar school’s pupils’ wealth and higher abilities are accounted for, grammars do not perform better than non-selective state schools, a study reveals. The researchers from Durham University claim that the ‘apparent success’ of grammar schools is down to having more advantaged and brighter pupils attending them. They add that growing the number of selective schools in England is dangerous for equality. Grammar schools are popular since they have good records of academic achievement and dominate school league tables. Grammar schools are no more effective than other schools However, the research suggests that the social backgrounds and abilities...

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‘Poor schools’ leave Northern children behind

Children in the North of England suffer with poor schools and an education gap that begins before they start attending school and then widens over time, a report claims. The findings from Anne Longfield, England’s Children Commissioner, says that poor children also face the double disadvantage of not just having poor schools but also entrenched deprivation. She is now calling for more investment and a boost to teacher recruitment for Northern schools. She also wants help for struggling families. In response, the government says it is committing £70m to help improve schools in the region. Research with schools, children,...

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Teach First hails doubling of LGBT numbers

The near-doubling of LGBT teachers joining the Teach First scheme has been hailed as showing “positive progress within schools”. The teacher recruitment and training firm says that the numbers of new teachers who are identifying as LGBT has grown to 9% in September 2017 from 5% in 2014. The organisation adds that this increase in LGBT teachers entering classrooms will help “drive acceptance in schools”. However, the figures do not reveal whether the lesbian, gay, bi and trans people are feeling more confident about identifying themselves as LGBT or whether the community is delivering more applicants who want to...

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Call for 5% teacher pay rise – or strike action

Spurred on by the government’s recent NHS proposed pay settlement of 6.5%, the National Union of Teachers is calling for a 5% teacher pay rise. They are also urging the possibility of strike action among teachers. The union, Britain’s largest, is considering a pay claim motion at its annual conference along with other school unions and they state that any pay rise should be funded not from current school budgets but by the government. The NUT’s general secretary, Kevin Courtney, said the union welcomes the government apparently ending its pay policies over its austerity measures. However, he also warned...

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