Month: February 2018

Times tables tests to be trialled in primary schools

Primary schools are to start times table tests this spring ahead of a national roll-out. The test will become mandatory from 2020 for all eight- and nine-year-olds. The aim is for them to know their times tables in a bid to boost numeracy among pupils. Pupils will need a knowledge of all times tables up to 12 to partake in an on-screen test that will take no longer than five minutes. The aim is to avoid causing stress for teachers and children alike. Now the Department for Education has reassured teachers that the test results will not be published...

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National learning entitlement could be worth £10,000

In a bid to help school leavers with their learning in England, they should receive £10,000 for investing in their education after they turn 18, says a report. The National Learning Entitlement is being proposed by some of the country’s top educationalists with their paper being presented to a major conference. They say that the system currently is not only inefficient and unaffordable but also unfair and inflexible. The report claims: “Without a age cohort, university students get the attention and most financial support. It’s difficult to get compatible figures, but student funding for universities is around four times...

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Bigger classes as teacher numbers fall

Secondary schools in England have seen bigger classes for students after a cash crisis has forced headteachers to cut staff numbers by 15,000, official figures reveal. That equates to an average of five members of staff for each secondary school since 2015. Now teacher unions say that staff numbers have fallen between 2014 and 2017 by 15,000 while an extra 4,500 pupils entered the school system in that period. Union leaders are warning that a £2.8 billion reduction in school funds is leaving headteachers with little choice but to reduce teacher numbers. Research has revealed that there are, on...

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Religious extremists want to ‘pervert education’

Religious extremists are ‘perverting education’ by using schools to narrow a child’s horizons, the chief inspector of schools in England has warned. Ofsted’s Amanda Spielman says that some community leaders are seeing schools as being a vehicle to indoctrinate an ‘impressionable mind’. She adds that some of these leaders, in some cases, are using extremist ideology. She highlights that Ofsted inspectors are coming into contact with extremists on a regular basis and she wants headteachers to confront anyone who is fostering extremist behaviour. At a conference, Ms Spielman said: “Rather than having a passive liberalism which says anything goes...

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