Month: December 2016

Schools struggle with rise in autism diagnoses

Schools are struggling to cope with the rise in autism diagnoses for pupils, according to new official figures and inspection reports on the issue. Autism diagnoses have risen by 25 percent in the last four years. iNews reports that, reforms to special education needs and disability funding (SEND) has caused children who would previously be categorised as having behavioural needs, to be diagnosed with autism instead. The significant increase is due to changes brought about under the Children and Families Act 2014, with one area in the UK seeing an almost 40 percent jump in pupils with autism diagnoses...

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Half a billion pound hole in SEN funding, research says

Local councils across the UK face a £600 million shortfall in SEN funding, according to research by Schools Week. The sum needs to be found by 2025 to shore up the UK’s SEN budget, which some in teaching have called unsustainable. The increase in demand for funding is due to an unprecedented rise in pupils with learning difficulties and disabilities. The research found that a large number of councils are discussing using money from other education funding allocations to make up shortfalls in SEN funding. Some headteachers describe the situation as a ‘time bomb’ for vulnerable children, warning that...

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Ofqual report: Exam errors tripled this year

The number of material exam errors in the design of A-level and GCSE exam papers has more than tripled since 2015, impacting the exams of 3232,000 students this summer. Schools Week reports that there were 37 material exam errors this year, compared to only 11 in 2015. The largest increase was in category 2 errors: these are mistakes which cause “unintentional difficulties for students when they are responding to a question/task”. Category 1 errors- which are the most serious, and make meaningful completion of a question impossible- rose from 6 last year, to 16 this year. One of the...

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