Month: April 2016

Community Languages to Survive Subject Layoffs

The Government has stepped in and taken action on a proposal coming from exam boards in an attempt to continue community languages such as Arabic, Japanese and Hebrew being taught to GCSE level. The AQA exam board have mentioned plans to withdraw several courses from the start of 2017, which could mean less popular subjects such as community languages get ostracised into history. Recent data from the Rosetta Project shows that approximately once every two weeks a language dies. This would mean the extinction of almost 90% of the world’s languages before the end of the decade. It may...

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Coding in Schools

Coding is perhaps one of the most lucrative skills on the market at the moment. Even some basic knowledge of it opens a prospective candidate’s job search up to a vast number of business start ups, creative technology companies and huge conglomerate firms such as IBM. In schools today, there are rudimental educational games that supposedly stimulate children’s imagination to some extent, but they certainly don’t get them interested in the innermost workings of the technology that facilitates it. It used not to be a particularly interesting subject as, after some hours of coding, the end product may only...

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Dealing with Child Mental Health in Schools

There has been cause for concern amongst teachers amid suggestions that the way mental health is perceived and dealt with in schools is becoming increasingly trivial. The current Minister of State for Community and Social Care, Alistair Burt has issued a warning that not enough is currently being done to allow children with mental health disorders to be equal members of society. Reports show that around one in ten children have a classified mental health disorder, be it something considered more manageable like ADD or a disorder that requires more resources to cope with like OCD. After contacting hundreds...

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U-Turn on School Academy Scheme

The Secretary of State for Education is thought to be considering changing her plans to reform schools. Not wanting to put herself in the firing line of students, teachers, parents and headmasters, Nicky Morgan seems to have tentatively reached what she perceives as a compromise. She hasn’t completely proscribed the idea of moving all schools over to the framework of MAT (Multi-Academy Trusts) by 2022, but she does appear to be considering allowing some movement on the policy. The alleged amendments on the bill will mean that only the ‘best performing’ Local Authorities will be able to change the...

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Tablet Devices for Schools

The Department for Education has called all schools to come together and pool their resources in order to procure enough tablet computers to warrant a discount from suppliers. The ‘sector collective buying power’ that the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is proposing could negotiate a substantial discount after a pilot ‘procurement’ on a smaller scale saw around 12% saved. Tablets that the DfE are offering are the Apple iPad, the Microsoft Surface Pro, LearnPad and other generic tablets. The CCS will asses the criteria of each school individually and they say they will work together with schools to accurately meet...

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