Seasons greetings one and all, it’s that time of year for the spectacular that is the Nativity Play!

Over recent years classes have grown and more parts have been required, as there often aren’t enough shepherds, wise men and angels to go around. This means that often teachers have to get a bit creative with the roles and direction of the story.

We’ve compiled a top twenty of the weird and wonderful parts that have appeared in British Nativity plays.

1. Lobster

Not just in the film Love Actually but the role of lobster is apparently a pivotal part won by many a school child in the UK.

2. Midwife

In earlier versions of the nativity we were led to believe Mary just had to get on with it, but thankfully in the UK we have the NHS that are here to help.

3. Electrician

This part was apparently created because the guiding star kept blowing a fuse and everybody got lost. We wonder if he charged double with it being Christmas?

4. Various types of tree

Birch, pine and even the odd palm tree, the brown t-shirt – cardboard leaves combo is a popular choice for all those extra parts.

5. Cleopatra’s Cat

Now a cat we could understand, but a celebrity owned cat is not only very specific but also apparently quite historically inaccurate.