6. Fruit infuser bottle – £6.00

It’s easy to fall into the trap of drinking lots of tea and coffee when at work.

And keeping hydrated is important not only for physical health but also keeps your brain active and firing on all cylinders.

Up your water intake with this quirky water bottle that infuses fruit into your H20.

Just pop a fruit of your choice (lemon is particularly good for its energising properties) into the bottle and voilà, flavoured water to keep you going all day.



7. An awesome shower gel to wake you up – £9.95 for 250g bottle

Waking up can be the toughest part of the day, and getting that push to get up and go can be hard to achieve.

So why not get your senses going in the morning with an invigorating shower and using a fresh and zingy shower gel?

Dirty Springwash from Lush is the perfect, unisex shower gel to do just that. Infused with spearmint, thyme and menthol not only will it clean you up but it’ll wake you up too.


8. A stylish work bag – £125.00

Just because it’s functional doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable. Style out any outfit with an awesome bag to carry all your day-to-day essentials in.

We particularly like this Chestnut Brown Satchel from The Leather Satchel company. With a classic look, made from sturdy materials and a sized at a good 15 inches, you’ll be able to fit all your essentials in whilst looking on point.


9. Amazing apps to make your life easier – FREE

With the birth of the smart phone and the invention of iPads and other gadgets, never has so much information and knowledge been at our fingertips.
The iTunes and Android stores are filled with great apps to make a teacher’s life a bit easier, with apps for diagrams, class communication and much more.

For a little bit of inspiration there is nothing better than checking out the TED Talks app.

There’s videos on every subject imaginable, and presenters from every walk of life. And even better, they are completely free to check out.


10. A great way to wind down in the evening – From £5.99 a month

Sometimes however you need to take a step back from teaching and just indulge in a bit of time to yourself.

Whether you already have a hobby like cooking, knitting or making your own beer, most people love to just veg out in front of a good TV series or film.

Signing up for a streaming subscription like Netflix means, that at the end of the day, you can kick back, relax and check out the latest series your students are raving about.

Plus if you’ve still got your teaching head on, there are also some great educational documentaries on there for you too.