The issue of teachers having sexual relations with their students has been heard of since time immemorial. If anything, this has become the order of the day in so many schools nowadays. I don’t think that a person right now can possibly be shocked upon hearing that a certain teacher and student have been having a romantic or sexual relationship with each other. The issue has become so common and that’s part of the problem. People have gotten so accustomed to hearing about cases of this sort, such that it has no longer become a big deal. People no longer panic at the thought of a student having sex with their teacher and the fact that it happens so much in these recent times just makes you wonder whether teachers are solely to blame for these inappropriate student-teacher relationships.

There has been numerous cases, especially recently, of teachers engaging in sexual relationships with their students and more often than not, you find that the verdict of these cases usually end with the teacher being discontinued from their work or even being sued in court. That’s just how it should be, I mean, they made their bed and so they must lay on it. But speaking of “they”, in most of these cases we only hear of what happens to the teacher after being caught and almost nothing about what happens to the student. Does this mean that students don’t face any consequences for being involved sexually with their teachers? Doesn’t it take two to tango in this situation? If in fact it does then why aren’t the students who are caught in this mess punished even remotely severely as the teacher?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m by no means trying to insinuate that we should cut the teachers some slack in these grossly inappropriate relations but we should for the very least also ensure that the students who willingly engage in this have the consequences just as hard as their teachers.

There is literally no two ways about this, it takes two to tango and therefore there is no reason why only one party should suffer the consequences. Teacher student sexual relationships are wrong in every level, as a matter of fact, there are laws that govern the conduct and relations between teachers and students and these laws should be followed to the letter. But why is it that whenever these laws are broken, everyone is very quick to point fingers at the teacher. I do understand that since the teacher is the one in a responsible and authoritative position, he or she should be accountable for whatever misconduct happens between him/her and the student, but students are getting away with this way too easily.

The cases on Teacher pupil relations are way too many these days for us to just be looking at the teachers as the only cause here. We need to reexamine these situations and come up with a more accurate result as to why these cases are on the increase. Let’s look at it this way, if the teachers are fully aware of the consequences of these inappropriate relations with their students (losing their jobs, ruining their career, facing jail term and ruining their reputation) why would they still engage in these activities? It would be very naïve of us to not consider the fact that there are also students who make moves on the teachers and until we also choose to see this as part of the problem then the problem will never be really solved. It may sound like a weird way of looking at it but if we’re going to ever attempt solving this problem we need to look at the causes on all fronts not just from the point of view that it’s the teachers who take advantage of the students.

It would actually be intolerably reckless of us as a society to be looking at this problem the very same way we’ve been looking at it over the past very many years and expect a change in our schools. The issue here is not just that students don’t get as severely punished as the teachers, it’s the fact that this has been going on for way too long and we need to put an end to it once and for all. Aren’t we all tired of how morally decayed our society and schools here in the UK look when word gets out that a teacher has been arrested for having sexual relations with a student? Doesn’t it just tarnish the reputation of our education system and make one question how ethically ill-equipped our teachers here at the UK are? Well if we as a society are tired of being viewed in such a negative light then we must ensure that both the teachers and students face severe consequences for engaging in these inappropriate relations to at least reduce these occurrences.

And this is not just about preserving the good name of our country; it’s about making sure that our kids have a good academic experience in schools by eradicating all possibilities of these inappropriate relations from happening. The aim here is to totally prevent these inappropriate relations from happening by using as many strategies as possible. One of the strategies being, not allowing students to get away with being involved with their teachers as easily as we have been letting them. It also involves having students respect their teachers and teachers respect their students so that in the rare event that one party makes a move on the other, it can be stopped immediately before it escalates to something big in order to develop a positive teacher-student relationship. So yes, it does take two to tango in this case and the two (unless of course the student was forced)  should face severe consequences to prevent these sexual relationships between students and teachers from happening again in our schools because let’s honest, it’s nauseating.