Teachers do more than teach and instruct. They also motivate, inspire and equip students for life outside the classroom.  Here, we look at 20 well known faces from the world of music, literature, stage, politics and even royalty, who went on to live their own dreams – 20 celebrities who once were teachers

1. Sting  – Musician – English Teacher

Known as Gordon Sumner before achieving success in the music world, ‘Sting’ taught English at St Paul’s Middle School, Cramlington

2. Sheryl Crow – Musician – Music Teacher

Sheryl Crow taught music at Kellison Elementary School in Missouri, a role which enabled her to write jingles, paving the way for her solo music career.

3. Art Garfunkel – Musician – Maths Teacher

Well-known for his partnership with Paul Simon as ‘Simon & Garfunkel,’ a 1960’s rock duo, Art taught maths for two years at Litchfield Prep School, Connecticut.

4. Brian May – Musician – Maths Teacher

Legendary musician well known for being the front man with rock group Queen.  A former teacher of maths at Stockwell Manor School, Brixton, London.

5. Bryan Ferry– Musician – Pottery Teacher

Achieved fame as vocalist and songwriter for ‘Roxy Music’ but started his career as a pottery teacher at London’s Holland Park School.