Author: Tom Foster

100 Reasons to Love Teaching

100 Reasons to Love Teaching. There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the teaching profession and the state of UK education as a whole, so i think its vital we don’t forget why we love teaching, The Educator have put together 100 reasons to love teaching.  Some are serious and some are a bit of fun, but ultimately they all make you smile because you love teaching. Its important to remember that every job has it’s bad points but not every job has its amazing highs that we experience as a teacher! You are shaping the future of students You are told that...

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20 UK Teachers to Follow on Twitter

There are countless numbers of inspiring teachers sharing their thoughts on Twitter. Teachers on Twitter are so popular because they are a great resource for inspiration and up to the minute educational news. These accounts showcase amazing schools and teachers who comprise of some the best in the world of UK education. Below is a list of the top 2o UK Teachers to follow on Twitter (in no particular order). 1. Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist Follow @ICTEvangelist Mark Anderson put Pedagogy first. He is a teacher, consultant, and an award-winning blogger and author.  Based in Bristol this ICT teacher even finds...

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Teacher Working Hours : How Many Hours do Teachers Actually Work?

On paper, teaching seems like one of the best lines of work to get into for a happy work/life balance due to the contracted teaching working hours. With up to 13 weeks paid holiday each year and weekends off to relax, it would be easy to come to the conclusion that teachers have one of the best jobs on the planet. Their apparent ‘free time’ is certainly something that draws envious eyes from those that work in different careers. Why then, is the industry struggling so badly with staff shortages that English schools have had to spend £800m on stand-in...

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Tips to Avoid the January Blues for Teachers

So, what advice for teachers could possibly exist to get us through the January blues? Well, here are some tips that could help you survive the longest 31 days known to mankind! Tip One: Book a holiday! I feel like one of those Boxing Day adverts… you know – where suddenly TV goes from showing snow-filled nativity scenes to the beaches of Barbados in the 2 seconds from Christmas Day to Boxing Day.  But, seriously, you need something to look forward to.  Don’t wait until the Summer holidays – book for Easter.  If you book for Easter, then you...

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New Teacher Advice – All the advice you will ever hear as a new teacher

You are like a walking target for well-meaning  new teacher advice.  Some will be the best teaching advice ever, like ever, and some will be bad teaching advice. But, one of the things you should always do is attempt to keep your sense of humour.  So, with a quick search on Pinterest, here is the best funny teacher advice out there. New Teacher Advice Number 01: Once I get this prepped and laminated I will be set for years.  Ooh, look! New curriculum. So. Annoyingly. True. You can spend ages organising your resources, being super organised, laminating as if...

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