Author: Racheal Smith

What should be the priority for teachers in January?

Looking for some back to school advice for the next term?  Let me offer an opinion from 18 years of teaching – feel free to sift and sort what advice you like and which you think is nonsense.  Hopefully amongst my listicle of advice you will find something to help you shape your new term. Idea One: Pace yourself This is a short term but it is an intense term.  It is highly likely that a lot of the parents’ evenings are timetabled for this term and all the administration of preferences.  Therefore, start slowly and don’t take on...

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What can I do if I leave teaching?

What can I do if I leave teaching? I used to be a teacher.  I was a teacher for 18 years and now I am a copywriter because I wanted a little bit of my life back.  If I am honest I really want a little bit of the classroom back now… but that is a different article. Part of my role as a copywriter is to research the sort of terms that people would be keying into search engines.  Knowing these search terms helps me write content that you would be searching for.  Here are some of the...

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Best Practice on Social Media for Teachers

One of the most difficult lines for a teacher to walk is between work and social media.  It can be used for school but encouraging students onto social media has a whole host of safeguarding issues.  Teachers naturally want a personal presence on the internet, it is as much a part of modern life as owning a mobile phone. So, what is the best advice for teachers about Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and the seemingly daily addition to the social media world. Here is some broad guidance, though in no way exhaustive: Read your school’s social media policy. This...

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Travel the world as a teacher

Join the teaching profession and see the world… oh hang on… that’s the Armed Forces, right? But, seriously, teaching is one of those professions that is valued all over the world.  Maybe, if your time as a UK teacher is starting to grind, maybe a brief sojourn abroad is the answer.  What are your options for teaching abroad in Dubai or in Colorado or maybe even in Canada? Volunteer teaching abroad You would be teaching alongside a teacher in a school in one of 25 destinations around the world.  You would likely be helping students improve skills in...

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Teaching Assistants Advice: From teaching assistant to the teacher

Teaching assistants are the unsung heroes in a school.  They work for pocket money.  Seriously, they earn less than a shop assistant in Tesco.  Yet, there are individual students in school who would fail if it wasn’t for these people.  They commit to more hours than they are paid and take unheard of abuse from students – and some teachers.  They are often de-professionalised by other staff and left to feel unworthy. Teaching assistants follow classes around the school and are experts in those students.  They should be the first person that a senior teacher goes and seeks advice...

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