Author: Daniel Maxwell

Reading and Empathy in Education

Last month, the UK witnessed heinous terror attacks, malicious hate crimes and the deadly consequences which come from years of neglecting poor communities. In the aftermath of these tragic events, politicians, the media and the general public have questioned why today’s society is prone to such grievous failings. While answering this question is fraught with complexities, one thing is apparent – too many individuals in our society lack a sense empathy, to understand the feelings of others, particularly those who appear different. It is becoming increasingly apparent that any hope for our future society to be fairer, safer and...

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Tory election failure offers students and teachers optimism

When Theresa May called snap elections in April, it was with the intention of gaining a strengthened majority in Parliament, to have full authority to negotiate a ‘hard Brexit’ with the EU, and to push ahead with the Tory party’s obsession with austerity, which has seen state schools and public health services devastated by massive cuts. However, May and the Conservative government grossly misjudged the national spirit. For the average voter, this election was less about handing the Tories their agenda to deliver a ‘hard Brexit’ but more about living standards, social services and everyday concerns. The Tory party’s...

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School lunches

With the UK’s general elections scheduled for 8th June 2017, the country’s political parties have been busy promoting their election manifestos, attempting to sway undecided voters their way. The Conservative Party’s General Election Manifesto contains one pledge which will have a huge impact on school children across the country – and that is their plan to scrap universal free lunches for infant school children in England. The Conservative Party has said that it will instead offer a free breakfast for all primary school pupils, which they argue is a more effective way of improving performance in the classroom. The...

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Bureaucracy damaging teachers’ well being and worsening teacher shortage

The UK’s chronic teacher shortage is being made worse by an abundance of bureaucratic policies which are turning classroom leaders into uninspired penpusher. Unless the current obsession with cumbersome administration, excessive documentation and laborious number crunching is reversed, the UK will lose more dedicated educators and struggle to ensure there are enough teachers for the growing student population. The health of the UK’s teachers is also being threatened by the stressful environments in modern schools. Arduous methods of recording progress and performance, as well as a heavier burden of written marking, have been introduced at schools across the UK...

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The role of education in the robotic future of tomorrow

It wasn’t long ago that the thought of robots taking employee’s jobs was the stuff of science fiction, but as the pace of technological advancement continues to accelerate, we are now on the verge of the largest economic transformation in recorded history, with robots set to become a common feature of the modern working environment. When this generation of student graduates they will enter working environments where robotic technology is commonplace and schools need to ensure they are equipping students with the skills to survive in this ‘brave new world’. IDC’s FutureScape: Worldwide Robotics 2017 Predictions is one of...

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