Author: Damien Selby


Minecraft is one of the most successful games to have appeared within the last decade, with over 121 million copies being sold across all platforms by as recent as February 2017. Children all around the world are familiar with the open-world game, where they can let their creativity soar, and their imagination run riot. In January 2016, Microsoft purchased Mojang and the Minecraft intellectual property for £1.5 billion. At around the same time, Microsoft announced that they were planning to release an educational version of the game, in the form of Minecraft: Education Edition. Why is Minecraft so popular?...

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The Shortage of Teachers in Great Britain:

A Hidden Epidemic   As teachers, we see it as no secret that there is currently a major issue in the way that our profession is manoeuvred and managed. We are all aware that there is a current shortage in the number of teachers working within a school environment, and although the government have had five years to notice this vicious trend they simply have not put a practical solution into play. They still do not have the ability to provide the students of Great Britain with the high-quality teaching standards that they deserve, and that we need within...

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There are a lot of issues that can arise within a classroom environment, and as teachers we have to learn how to deal with these issues quickly and efficiently. Even the smallest issue can really disrupt the layout of the day, and disturb the working efforts of other pupils within the classroom. It can prove to be incredibly overwhelming, but it is simply an average part of our day-to-day lives in a classroom environment.   One of the main problems that we face is that when a student does show behavioural issues we have to find out the root...

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 One thing that we are taught as teachers is that extra-curricular activities are incredibly beneficial for pupils of all ages, but sometimes it can be a difficult task to actually get pupils interested in activities. The real key to it all is to understand that there are no one size fits all extra-curricular activities, and all of our pupils have different needs. We cannot expect them all to want to do the same thing, and we have to be understanding of that. There would be activities that people who we know would happily do that we wouldn’t dream of...

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