Month: January 2018

How to handle returning to school after an absence from work

Returning to school after any period of extended absence is a challenging prospect. Whether it’s a return after maternity leave or illness – or a stress-related issue could well be work-related – you are likely to have many question, anxieties and fears about going back to work. So, what is the best way you can prepare for your return to work? How can you make the transition back as smooth as possible? Firstly… don’t panic! Many people feel very anxious about returning to school. The comforting news is that all schools should have procedures and processes in place that...

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What do school league tables show us about school standards?

This year’s school league tables are now out. School leaders will have suffered sleepless nights before their release and, as usual, the day itself saw a great deal of political posturing and spin. But what do school league tables really show us about school standards? Even the fiercest of critics of league tables would probably agree that the principle of the tables is a good one. They should be useful as a way of comparing key aspects of performance across schools, and are potentially useful for parents as they make choices about what school they would like their child to go...

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Tips for Teachers for Physical Fitness

We teach about health and nutrition and how important physical fitness is, but then many of us do not practice what we preach. It is the whole “Do as I Say and Not as I Do” situation. And doesn’t that make hypocrites out of teachers that are out of shape? We have all known a teacher that stays in their chair most of the day and continually eats junk food for lunch as they preach to the students about the food pyramid and calories. It is time for everyone to put their money where their mouth is. Follow these...

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Five Top Tips For New Teachers

The word ‘challenges’ is probably the one on which new teachers focus the most.  So here are top tips for new teachers to help them settle into their profession.  Most of them will be well known, but they are none the less important to remember.  What an exciting time ahead for new teachers.  Yes, the job is tough, the pay is at best middling and there are times when you can feel that you are really out there on your own; but, every single day is different. There is never a chance to get bored (unless you are a boring teacher, which I am sure you are not), and...

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The Arts – at the Heart of A Great School

I went to my eldest’s carol service the other night.  It was held in the local Church, which was heaving.  I soon saw why.  Actually, that’s wrong, I heard why. Like many readers, I have been to quite a few school carol services over the years.  In my Inspecting days, it would not be unusual for a visit to ‘coincide’ with the choir’s/orchestra’s/wind band’s performance to the school in assembly, so likewise I’ve witnessed many other school musical events. Well, this was the best.  OK, so having one’s own child might, I accept, skew my view.  I’ve noticed that...

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