Month: December 2017

How to make the most of the Christmas holidays

The Christmas holiday is looked forward to by teachers and pupils alike. Okay, for the pupils it’s the promise of what Santa will be bringing that excites them. However, teachers will be almost as excited about the prospect of having a good rest – the first opportunity they’ve had for this since September. But the prospect of the holidays can present challenges too, so here’s some advice for how to make the most of the festive season: before, during and after. Coping with the run-up to Christmas When it comes to Christmas decorations, people have different views about when...

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Are School Uniforms Needed?

The school uniforms debate has been around for literally centuries. Ever since one school began enforcing their students to dress similarly, other schools have jumped on board or openly questioned the need for it. It seems everyone has an opinion on it.  The first uniform requirement by a school happened in 1222 in England. The Archbishop of Canterbury declared that all students would wear a robe-like outfit called the “cappa clausa.” In the 16th century in England, Christ’s Hospital’s boarding school began having their students wear a traditional school uniform similar to what is still being worn today there....

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