Month: November 2017

Leave Our Sports Alone!

It’s an interesting point that one of the few areas of school staff recruitment which is not in crisis is the subject of PE. But the recent arguments regarding the teaching of rugby in our schools highlights the uncertainty around the whole field of school sport. A few years ago, a meeting was held by the DFE to look into the re-writing of the national curriculum. It was a large gathering, with representatives from just about every sporting association in the country. Even sports hardly played in schools. Badminton, swimming, volleyball – they were all there. Even a couple...

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Make sure the pupils work harder than you!

As teachers, we’ve all been there. You make it to the end of the lesson, feeling frazzled – and feeling like you have worked considerably harder during the past hour than the pupils have. This is all wrong. It’s also unsustainable. Work like that 5 lessons a day for too long and there’s absolutely no way you can keep up that sort of energy levels. You will be heading straight for burn out territory. The trick is to make sure the pupils work harder than you… The 70/30 Principle: Getting the balance right The Pareto Principle – the idea...

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New Migration Figures. How Will Schools Adjust?

From the high in 2015, there has been a significant drop in the net migration figures to Britain. With emigration remaining more constant, it is clear that the number of immigrants entering these shores are falling, to bring about this overall reduction. And, it seems fair to say, Brexit has played its part in this. Whether for good or for bad. The extent of the effect of this on schools, though, is hard to judge. Shortages of Places We have known for some time now that there is going to be a surge of demand on primary schools in...

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Where to Find Free Online Tutoring

Tutoring of any kind can be expensive. The cost of it can add up quickly. We definitely want to improve our child’s academic skills, but we also don’t want to go into debt in doing so. Instead of bothering your family and friends to lend a free hand to help educate your child, there are alternatives to alienating your loved ones such as free online tutoring. Online tutoring is quickly becoming the norm for helping students achieve better on their subjects. There are several positives to online tutoring that eclipse the one-on-one in person tutoring that used to be...

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Innovation in schools hindered by pressure for results

As teachers across the country return to school for a new academic, they return recharged and motivated to improve on the previous year’s progress and determined to boost their classroom success with new strategies and teaching innovation. While these new year resolutions are most admirable, the unfortunately reality is that many teachers will find their good intentions shot down by the stresses and pressures of the modern school environment. In this fast changing modern world, educational innovation has become an essential apparatus by which schools and educators adapt and improve teaching to ensure that they fully prepare students with...

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