Month: October 2017

Double Entry Exam – Schools blamed for differing standards

This Summer, 499 students were entered for, and sat, their maths exam with more than one board. The obvious question is why? If a Grade 5 reflects the same standard whichever level from whatever board, then the practice would be pointless. Therefore, the only answer it is possible to deduce is that schools do not believe this to be the case. And who can blame them? The Government’s continued happiness to allow multiple boards to set exams in the same subject has damaged schools’ trust in comparable standards between those boards. Students have faced sitting up to nine hours...

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Developing a Proper Growth Mindset

For those of us who recall the superb 1980s comedy, ‘Yes Minister’, the episode in which Sir Humphrey’s instruction to bury nonsense behind a positive title might come to mind. By the way, if ‘Yes Minister’ means little to you, get on to YouTube. It is as fresh now as it was thirty years ago. Just don’t get mixed up with the tame re-make of recent times, where the budget appeared to be so low that every shot took place in the same room. There is something big in education at the moment which would fit Sir Humphrey’s description...

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Comparing the Cost of University in the UK and the US

The price to attend university is rising at an alarming rate. The cost seems to be going higher and higher, and no matter how much political talk follows, the prices will not be going down anytime soon. In any business, once the price is originally set for some product or service, it usually only gets more expensive down the road. Thinking that the cost of university will eventually go down is just wishful thinking. Those in the U.K are currently scoffing at the cost of university in some places. However, the price is closing in on what the cost...

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Artificial Intelligence: The Terminator of Teaching

There are numerous films that have been made where some sort of artificial intelligence was created to better human life on this planet. And you know in each of these films, the artificial intelligence slowly starts to take over and control the world’s population. War Games, The Matrix, The Terminator, and I, Robot all provide warnings about artificial intelligence and machines. Is artificial intelligence next going to conquer the world of education? Sir Anthony Sheldon, head of one of Britain’s most well-known public schools, predicts that within ten years, computers will be equipped with the artificial intelligence needed to...

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Teachers survival guide. How to keep going until Christmas

You’re only a week in. Don’t worry, only another 15 to go until Christmas… September is a weird month for teachers. Until you have experienced what it is like to have six weeks holiday and then return to work (and unless you’re a teacher, it’s unlikely you will have), you can’t really understand just how that feels. It’s not a nice feeling. It’s the ultimate shock to any system, but it’s not all bad – you get to see your colleagues again… even the kids! Then there’s the New Year, new slate angle. September is a new academic year....

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