Month: September 2017

How will schools cope with budget squeezes?

Some analysts believe that, in real terms, schools are facing budget cuts of up to 12% in the coming years. On the other hand, the Government continues to argue that in fact budgets are being sustained in education. We might hold differing views on austerity, but at the coal face, so to speak, it seems real enough that much of the additional funding in the late noughties and into the early years of the current decade is being eroded or has, in some cases, already been wiped out. In the light of this, how might schools cope with such...

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Would you like that supersize, Sir?

With baby booms and more and more teachers feeling full of the…I should be able to write ‘joys of summer’ to end that sentence but more so than ever, I can only complete any sentence asking how teachers are feeling with the words doom and gloom. How incredibly sad! (And now, my doom and gloom grows as I question whether or not I have used an exclamation correctly, according to government standards). The very topic of this article creates its own vicious circle within education as it stands. Government increase pressure on staff and children whilst giving very little...

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University Credits for Classes in Secondary School?

It might be a new concept in European secondary schools and universities, but in the United States advanced placement (AP) and dual enrolment (DE) courses have been around for a couple of decades. In the last ten years especially, they have become more and more available throughout most secondary schools and universities across all fifty states. Is it time that other countries adapt such programs and get on board with AP, DE and university credits being offered to secondary school students across the globe? What Are AP and DE programs? DE programs allow incoming secondary school students to take...

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How can the DfE increase teacher recruitment?

The government appears to be in denial about the extent of the teacher recruitment crisis in the UK. And make no mistake, it is a crisis. Regardless of what political spin is put on it, the crisis exists and the DfE has repeatedly failed to deal with it. Of course, it is pretty difficult to deal with a problem that you don’t even accept is real. But it is real. Very real. The figures don’t lie Official figures for teacher training applications make for uncomfortable reading. If you are a teacher working in a school, a parent with children of school age, or...

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Teacher shortages in key subjects

The summer holidays are likely to offer little rest to school leaders who see the new year beginning with teacher shortages in key areas of the curriculum. To add to the difficulties, new GCSE assessment systems are beginning in many subject areas.  Although there are still teachers out there looking for jobs for September, most are now in post and it could well be January before schools have a chance to address the problems they are facing.  And, as we know, recruitment mid year often presents problems with contracts and sufficient candidates to offer schools a choice. The problem...

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