Month: July 2017

School holidays for teachers – Making the most of summer

With another academic year now coming to an end, most teachers are getting ready to begin their well-deserved school holidays. While the most important things for teachers to do during the school holidays is rest and recuperate, the summer months can also be a period to do something productive which you simply don’t have the time, or energy, for during the regular school year. Upgrade your tech skills In the modern classroom, the role of educational technology is having a huge impact on teaching, communication and administration. As such, spending a few hours improving your tech skills, could be...

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Mental Health in Children and the School’s Responsibility

There is a growing epidemic involving school children, and there does not seem to be enough coverage in the media. More and more children are being diagnosed as having mental health disorders than ever before. Whether they are being properly diagnosed by a medical professional or sometimes unofficially by concerned parents, it does not seem to matter. Families are asking for special attention and privileges for their children. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) has mental health data for children from ages 8 to 15 years old. This data shows that...

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Summer holidays for teachers

Teachers really should spend their summer holidays re-charging their batteries, getting some rest and relaxation and enjoying a bit of sun. Many will probably end up spending time clearing up after this year and planning for the next. And for some, the break can offer a chance to earn some much needed extra funds.  A chance to either make some pocket money for a special holiday, to pay for a special purchase or build up a deposit for a down payment on a house. Here are some suggestions for those who feel the need to raise some extra cash...

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Academy schools raising attainment more than state schools

Before we get started, I think it is important to stress what an ‘Academy’ is so that we understand exactly what an academy school is not. Academy schools are publicly funded independent schools, they needn’t follow the National Curriculum and they receive money direct from the Government as oppose to the Local Authority. In recent months the topic of academies has dominated much of education gossip columns and question times with the dooming, looming prospect of all schools in England being turned into academies hanging above the entrance halls. And for what reason? Because they are said to ‘perform...

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New 9-1 GCSE Grading System

There is bound to be some anxiety for parents as their children begin studying for the new 9-1 GCSE grading from September. Schools have at least had the opportunity to prepare with this for Maths and English.  Hopefully, many of the teething troubles will have been sorted.  However, it is when things go wrong that problems occur. Some common sense guidelines are definitely worth consideration to make the transition as easy as possible for students and their parents. Make sure you understand the implications for your teaching. There is a wealth of on-line guidance, including by AQA, as to...

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