Month: May 2017

Budget Cuts: So Long, Teacher Assistants?

There seems to be a common theme in education traveling across the globe right now. The budgets in all school districts are shrinking. Less and less money is being supplied to schools from the government. Taxes are rising, but somehow less money is being spent on education. It’s up to the schools to figure out how to make the budget cuts necessary and still provide a quality education for the students involved. Class sizes are increasing because the lack of funding to hire more teachers. Headteachers are left trying to find more ways to pare back the budget even...

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Finland: One of the Top Countries in Education

Finland schools are one of the best kept secrets across the globe. Their approach to education is quite unique, and does not follow the norm when discussing public education matters. However, Finnish students score near the very top in the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) every year in reading, mathematics, and science. In comparison, the United States is ranked 21st out of the 34 countries that participate. What are their secrets to achieving such academic supremacy? Normal Finnish School Day Their school day is pretty different than what is considered the norm in other parts of the world....

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How to Make the Most of Gained Time?

We have come to the point of the school year that many teachers used to look forward to the most – gained time. This is the time of year when teachers are released from their normal timetabled teaching as pupils are on study leave or examination leave. If you had a timetable that was heavy with exam classes – Year 11, 12 and 13 – gained time used to be seen by some as a kind of unofficial ‘payback’ for all the hard work you had put in with those classes throughout the year. In many schools, gained time...

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Should parents subsidise school budgets?

Parents are increasingly being asked to help fund school budgets. Some parents won’t begrudge this too much. After all, many parents already pay for school trips and some extra-curricular activities, for example. However, many would argue that asking parents to make financial contributions to items such as textbooks goes completely against the whole principle of a free education. Not only that, there are clear concerns that it sets a dangerous precedent and begs a disturbing question: Are we heading towards the nightmare of ‘well-funded’ schools in affluent areas outperforming schools in deprived areas because of a lack of financial...

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Top tips for success at teaching interviews

The interview process for teaching positions is a gruelling one. Typically a full day, candidates face (sometimes several) ‘mini-interviews’, the prospect of teaching a lesson, small talk in the staff room, a ‘formal’ interview – and, of course, the small matter of being under scrutiny from the moment you arrive at the school gates on the morning of the interview! It is a tough and daunting experience and it can be hard to do yourself justice in the few short hours that you have got to convince the interview panel that you are the ideal candidate for the position....

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