Month: April 2017

Why is further education always ignored by successive governments?

Further education, the all-important part of our education system, is often forgotten or ignored in favour of higher education. After secondary school education, some students are unable to pursue higher education due to lack of finances or time and opt for further education. In as much as it is important since it is job-oriented and teaches technical skills, students pursuing further education may feel left out. Further education offers numeracy and literacy skills that may be the basis of a person’s re-entry into education; it may teach technical and vocational skills useful in the job market and make the...

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The importance of positive teacher-student relationships in classrooms

Teachers often talk about how hard it is to connect with and get to their students. They say students view them as out of bounds; hence according to students, teachers cannot understand them. This is a wrong and dangerous assumption on the students’ side, and teachers should do their best to debunk this myth and form connections with their students. Developing positive relationships between teachers and students has a positive, significant, and long-lasting impact on the students’ lives, both academically and socially. A student would work better in class if they felt that their teacher valued and cared for...

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Steps to Put an End to Bullying

There is nothing worse as a parent than having your child tell you they are being bullied at school. The pit in your stomach will form very quickly when you believe your kid is getting picked on away from home. The most horrible thing is feeling that you are powerless to stop it. However, as a parent or educator of the child being bullied, there are steps you can take to help put an end to this child’s misery. Hopefully, this article will guide you on what to do if faced with this situation. Knowing is Half the Battle...

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Technology in the Classroom

Veteran educators are changing up the way that they are used to teaching. The ancient image of a teacher standing in front of the classroom and lecturing seven hours out of the day is a thing of the past. Technology incorporated in the classroom is altering teaching styles across the globe. At the same time, we are enabling the students to learn skills that they need for living in the 21st century. Quite a number of schools now have a 1:1 technology initiative in their district. This means that every student will have a device to use to complete...

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E-learning and its impact

E-learning is the learning and teaching of educational courses electronically, thus the use of ‘e’ in e- learning. All you just need is a device that can connect to the Internet. This is an efficient method of learning especially for Distance Students. This also helps to break the monotony of learning in the traditional classroom. There are interactive sessions whereby there is a pre-recorded session or a live one where you can participate. The live sessions are better as the teacher can assess your participation. There are many benefits of e-learning to its users. They include: Cost Effective It...

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