Month: February 2017

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Joining a Teachers’ Union

Media coverage of trade unions – teaching or otherwise – might seem off-putting, but there are several important reasons why all teachers should at least consider joining one. Forget portrayals of hectoring union chiefs urging strident teachers to take industrial action that affords them (yet another) day off from the classroom while hard-pressed parents struggle (yet again) to reconcile the conflicting demands of childcare and holding down a job. Union membership isn’t just about having the right to strike if the terms and conditions of the job become untenable. Arguably for many members the right to take industrial action...

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Today’s children missing out on benefits of outdoor play

While advances in digital technologies are opening previously unimagined opportunities in work, leisure and education, our increasing reliance on technology can have a negative impact on our welfare. One issue, which is of particular concern for parents and educators, is that today’s generation of children are spending more time online and considerably less time playing outdoors, a situation which could negatively impact their emotions, health, intelligence and creativity. A recent survey revealed that 75% of children in the UK, spend less time outside than prison inmates. Furthermore, the report, Play in Balance, which polled 12,000 parents, recorded that 75%...

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Six Ways to Make Random Acts of Kindness Week Last the Whole Year

  It would be easy to dismiss International Random Acts of Kindness Week (9–15 February this year, leading up to Random Acts of Kindness Day on 17 February) as just another opportunity to share a few memes or schmaltzy videos on social media. After all, how can a fundamental quality like kindness seriously be given the treatment it deserves when it is squeezed in alongside days celebrating the gumdrop (15 February) and the battery (18 February)? Look around and you’ll find plenty of activities suggested for this week (inspirational posters, acrostics etc.). But what benefit can there be if...

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  Last year a poll revealed that nearly half (43%) of state school teachers in England have also worked as a private tutor at some point during their teaching career. The most popular location for teachers to tutor was in the North East of England (49%), and the least popular area was the North West (34%). Why might school teachers turn to this kind of work, and is it a good idea? Satisfying work, and well-paid As anyone who has tutored knows, one-to-one tuition is a very different ball game to classroom teaching. Although there are none of the...

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While Equality in Education Improves, Obstacles in the Workplace Remain- Myth of Meritocracy

Over the past few decades educational institutions have successfully tackled many of the traditional gender and racial inequalities which had negatively impacted certain groups within society. However, a recent report indicates that the promise of social mobility, which education is helping support, remain unrealised in the labour market, where barriers and prejudices remain. The 2016 report, ‘Ethnicity, Gender and Social Mobility’ from the Social Mobility Commission, which tracked student progress through primary school, secondary school, higher education and the labour market, revealed a misconnect between educational success and career progress for women and certain ethnicity groups. This has led...

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