Month: January 2017

Online Safeguarding: Why Web Filtering Isn’t Enough

In schools across the country, web filtering is used as the frontline of online safeguarding. While this can limit the level of inappropriate content children access, it doesn’t teach them anything about the way the internet works. One in three children now own some form of tablet or smartphone. This number is only set to increase, so online safety training must offer greater safeguarding against digital threats.   Children today are categorised as digital natives. They have all grown up in a world dominated by technology and surfing the web is second nature. Undoubtedly, this gives them an advantage...

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100 Reasons to Love Teaching

100 Reasons to Love Teaching. There is a lot of doom and gloom surrounding the teaching profession and the state of UK education as a whole, so i think its vital we don’t forget why we love teaching, The Educator have put together 100 reasons to love teaching.  Some are serious and some are a bit of fun, but ultimately they all make you smile because you love teaching. Its important to remember that every job has it’s bad points but not every job has its amazing highs that we experience as a teacher! You are shaping the future of students You are told that...

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20 UK Teachers to Follow on Twitter

There are countless numbers of inspiring teachers sharing their thoughts on Twitter. Teachers on Twitter are so popular because they are a great resource for inspiration and up to the minute educational news. These accounts showcase amazing schools and teachers who comprise of some the best in the world of UK education. Below is a list of the top 2o UK Teachers to follow on Twitter (in no particular order). 1. Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist Follow @ICTEvangelist Mark Anderson put Pedagogy first. He is a teacher, consultant, and an award-winning blogger and author.  Based in Bristol this ICT teacher even finds...

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Teacher Work-Life Balance – 5 tips for how to have a life

It’s an age-old problem and complaint for teachers: how do you get the teahcer work-life balance right? The issue never seems to go away. Indeed, in recent years it has definitely become even more a problem. The workload that all teachers face shows no sign of letting up. Neither does the pressure that teachers consistently face or the scrutiny that teachers are constantly under. It would be stupid to suggest that it is easy to do, but there is a way you can do something about it. Here are 5 tips for how to have a life outside school....

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3 Top Tips to Survive the Spring Term

The school year is a long hard slog. You don’t need me (or anyone else) – to tell you that! so here are 3 top tips to survive the spring term. Each of the three terms have their distinct pressures but in many ways it’s the middle of the two – the spring term – that can be the absolute killer. The autumn term – Fresh as a daisy! The autumn term is a long one. It can be a real struggle to make it through to Christmas. But, at least at the start of it, you feel fresh. If...

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