Month: November 2016

Five Festive-Themed Activities with Curriculum Coverage for the Primary Classroom

This time of year can be tricky. Curriculum time is quickly eroded by a combination of sickness, end-of-term fatigue and rehearsals for the Christmas production. You still have to teach but there is an expectation that you will throw in the odd festive-themed activity as a nod towards the fact that everyone is on a countdown towards the holidays. There are many Christmas and holiday-themed activities out there, but many seem to be more time-fillers than credible learning opportunities. Here are five of my favourite suggestions for festive-themed activities with a bit more substance. Snowman sight word bingo The...

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20 Famous People that Failed at School

We teachers sell the line that the door to success in the future is opened with education. It is true that education can lead to success, however, this is not always true, as some of these famous people will tell you! Johnny Depp Johnny Depp left school at the age of 14 when he was given a guitar.  He was determined to become a rock legend.  He became a legend, of course, just on the movie screen.  He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and has reached the peak of his career! Sir Alan Sugar This is starting...

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How to convince recruiters that you are a Perfect Teacher

In my career as an educator I’ve been on both sides – a graduate trying to be the perfect teacher my potential Headmaster was looking for, and a recruiter looking for the best candidates. In this article I wish to share my perspective as a candidate and as a recruiter. I believe this might help you see the bigger picture and inspire you how to deal with the challenges you are about to face. The Challenges: Proving you are the one when no one listens As far as I remember this was my biggest problem of all. I was...

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20 Hilarious Answers from Pupils’ Homework and Tests

All teacher’s get the odd sniggery moment when marking work, whether it’s a misplaced letter or a completely ridiculous answer, kids often end up making us laugh without even trying. The Internet is filled with funny examples of children’s accidental, and not so accidental, gaffes. Here are twenty of the best from the across the web to give you a giggle 1. This student thought there was a bit of cross over between science and history. 2. This student thought the power of love could conquer all, even gravity. 3. Lola hit the nail on the head with her...

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Want to change the lives of young people across the country? The Thrive Tribe Academy are developing a fantastic new series of healthy living workshops for schools across the UK. You can have your say in our quick survey: You’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about…here are the top 5 things you need to know about the Thrive Tribe Academy: Healthier together! Workshops will comprise all aspects of a healthy lifestyle – topics will include healthy eating, physical activity, smoking prevention and mental wellbeing. From portions sizes to 60 active minutes, we’ll have it all covered....

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