Month: October 2016

Top Challenges I Face Recruiting Teachers

I wasn’t always a teacher. I only became one after spending six years working in industry, where I was doing well, but always wished I’d taken that extra year to complete my PGCE – unfortunately I was not able to afford another year in higher education. However, when the opportunity arose to do a PGCE, I grabbed it with both hands and, as the cliché goes, I have never looked back. After my PGCE I was fortunate to be appointed teacher of Spanish at an excellent school that looked after its teachers as much as it looked after its...

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20 Celebrities Who used to be Teachers

Teachers do more than teach and instruct. They also motivate, inspire and equip students for life outside the classroom.  Here, we look at 20 well known faces from the world of music, literature, stage, politics and even royalty, who went on to live their own dreams – 20 celebrities who once were teachers 1. Sting  – Musician – English Teacher Known as Gordon Sumner before achieving success in the music world, ‘Sting’ taught English at St Paul’s Middle School, Cramlington 2. Sheryl Crow – Musician – Music Teacher Sheryl Crow taught music at Kellison Elementary School in Missouri, a role...

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The Ingredients of an Outstanding Lesson

Two words characterise an outstanding lesson: typicality and progress.  The judgement will not only be based on the lesson itself but other evidence in your room: the displays, the way the children approach learning and the students’ books.  Let’s break this down into simple ingredients that will help you to move to an outstanding lesson. First: Look at the way your students sit in your classroom.  The observer has a maximum twenty minutes to make a judgement.  If your children are slouching, staring out the window and looking to what each other are doing, then it is going to...

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Five ways to turn around a difficult class

There is nothing worse than a difficult class that makes you lose sleep the night before.  Your stomach churns and you look to the phone, the classroom door, the fire alarm – anything that might happen so you don’t need to spend the next hour in battle. Your dread and stress will show in the way that you teach.  This will then exacerbate the problems.  The standard argument is that the children smell your fear and then seek to misbehave even more.  The truth is more that the students start to feel insecure – the law of the jungle...

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Top 6 ways to Boost your Classroom Dynamics

The easiest and most pedagogically appropriate way of boosting your classroom dynamics is to make sure your students have no time to be bored and instead enjoy your classes. Keeping your class dynamics to the right level is also important for students’ health and their overall well-being. You can offer a balanced learning environment by adopting a few simple strategies and introducing them as part of your teaching routine. What is a dynamic classroom? A lesson which offers students various opportunities to explore and understand the topic and where different types of activities and teaching methods are applied will...

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